'Anti-Government' Parents Accused of Kidnapping Toddlers Still on the Loose

kidnappingIn a truly sad story out of Florida, 2 and 4-year-old brothers Cole and Chase Hakken have been allegedly taken from their grandparent's house by their biological father and mother. The two are said to be "armed and dangerous" as well as "anti-government."  The two had lost their parental rights.

The boys were taken on Tuesday and authorities have just found the father's abandoned 2006 GMC in a parking garage a couple states away. The emotional grandmother who was tied up with zip ties, managed to free herself to call 9-1-1.

It's a terribly sad story because, as a parent, obviously it is easy to understand why these two are broken hearted over losing their children. But there is a reason, I am sure. Typically, children are not just taken from families without good cause, so one has to imagine these children are in danger.

This is also not the first time they have been in trouble for pulling a gun. The first time, they kidnapped their own children from foster care.

From what I can gather, it seems the parents are mostly in trouble for being vocally anti-government, possibly smoking marijuana around their toddler sons (according to some neighbors' claims) and attending an anti-government rally, and were later arrested for creating a disturbance at their hotel where police found drugs, weapons, and the two boys.

The boys were removed.

It is very hard to know how to feel about this case. Obviously, these parents were not allowed to see their children and should have respected that. Clearly the grandmother even agreed with the ruling or she would not have seemed so terrified by them being with the parents. And yet, why were these children taken when so many other children remain in dangerous homes?

I am not typically one who believes in conspiracy theories, but in this case, it does raise some questions: were the parent's political beliefs part of what got the children removed?

Now, no one does themselves any favors by brandishing weapons and taking children by force from their foster homes. But who wouldn't react desperately to their children being taken from them?

I don't know enough about the case to say with any certainty and I do tend to be someone who trusts our government and believes in due process. But even so, something in this case does not sit right. Clearly the authorities are worried enough about these children's safety to issue an Amber Alert. But it sounds to me like two desperate people willing to do anything to get their kids back.

Do you think there is more to this case than it seems?


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dekumama dekumama

Well I hope they were taken away for better reasons than being anti-government. I guess smoking pot around the kids is pretty bad, but I highly doubt that's the reason. I would beinterested in knowing the truth. 

Jespren Jespren

There are pages upon pages upon pages of testimonies of children taken from homes for no good reason. DCF/DHS/CPS kidnaps children, without a warrent, court order, or proper cause all the time. If strangers took your kids and hid them from you without any legal recourse what would you do about it?

nonmember avatar Tammy

The truck was found in the next county at Maderia Beach, not "a couple of states away"

Carme... Carmen8706

I'm rather stunned that they weren't in prison for the first kidnapping.

LostS... LostSoul88

so these freaks can go around pulling guns on people and still be out on the streets?

miche... micheledo

It is very concerning if the kids were taken away because of their involvement in anti-government activity.  IF it is because of drugs and drug use, then that is an entirely different matter.  The anti-government reports are seriously concerning to me.  We have the right to our own beliefs and to teach our chidlren that way - even if others don't like it.  As much as I wish people wouldn't raise their children to hate (the Aryan groups, KKK, etc) it IS their right.

alway... alwayscurious

There just HAS to be more to this story. The linked article didn't give much info either. There are kids living with waaay worse than pot, and the CPS does nothing.

sassy... sassykat122

Um... Tammy an Amber Alert was issued in memphis, tn yesterday so yes they have been spotted farther away. And ALWAYSCURIOUS CPS has to know about whatever is going on the home to investigate. If you know kids who are around pot or worse why aren't you reporting it?

Iris0409 Iris0409

I just read a story yesterday about CPS trying to take a 6 year old away from her family because her parents let her walk to the post office by herself one block away in a suburban neighborhood. The article was absurd and detailed how harassed the family has been. It's astonishing to me that an agency spread so thin would devote resources to something so silly when there are kids in real danger. Not saying these kids aren't, but it's sort of a proven fact that CPS takes kids away for no good reason.

Jaime Swift Sundin

Hmm this article has me questioning whats really going on, being anti government shouldnt be a reason for taking someone's children away.  Same with smoking pot because in the near future it wont be illegal any more.  Something isnt right and I am really starting to question government agencies.

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