Homeless Man Wins Lotto but Plans for His Winnings Don't Include a Home (VIDEO)

Dennis MahurinDennis 'Double D" Mahurin stuck it rich recently when he won $50,000 off of a scratch-off lottery ticket. But instead of having the check mailed to his house, he's having it mailed to a friend's house, because Dennis lives in a tent with no address.

The 59-year-old has been homeless for more than20 years, living on next to nothing. He says most days he spends his time searching for food and money, but one day last week he found a lot more than he ever expected when he took in his ticket to a local Circle K gas station in Bloomington. He was happy enough when thought it was worth $1,000, but when the clerk said it was a $50,000 winner, they were both blown away.

He told CINewsNow:

I scratched it off right here in my tent. I thought it was a thousand dollars. She said, 'Nope.' I said, 'Oh, I messed up didn't?' She said it was fifty thousand, and I almost fell over.

Amazing. So now he can go rent an apartment, or maybe move into a hotel for awhile, right?

Nope, not Double D. He plans to stay right where he is. Oh, he says he might buy a new tent, but he says he's "happy as can be in my nature." He's also going to make some others around him happy too, as he plans to give $100 to some of his fellow homeless friends.

What a nice guy. He truly seems happy with the life he's living, and isn't going to let a little money get in his way. So often we see people win huge sums of money, and then their lives fall apart. Dennis, however, seems content with his life as it is. He told the station:

I've always been Dennis, for 59 years. I'm gonna keep on being Dennis.

Right on, Dennis.

What would you do if you won $50,000?


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Venae Venae

Yeah, until one of his "friends" knifes him in his new tent and takes all of his money.


candy... candyw210

Venae maybe he is surrounded by people who care about him. Just because they are homeless does not mean they are monsters. Good for him and winning that money and what a great thing to do to for his friends! And i am sure since he is having A CHECK Venae sent to his friends house, his friend will help him open an acct. I highly doubt he can cash a $50,000 check anywhere.

lasombrs lasombrs

I am sure he understands he can't live forever on that money and getting a short term home will not mean he can keep it. Perhaps he has medical problems or knows if he can ration it well he will have food and warmer clothes etc for the future. I think its a good plan. If he has been doing it for 20 years he might not be happy in an actual apartment somewhere.

Irela... Ireland69

Good for him and Venae if his "friends" do kill him he can die doing a good deed.  Sometime we need to take a chance.  He is happy with his life who are we too judge. God Bless him he isn't greedy.

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