Jodi Arias' Mom Reveals Daughter's Mental State in Heartbreaking Video

Were there signs that Jodi Arias was a ticking time bomb long before she admittedly killed her lover, Travis Alexander? Apparently there were. Plenty of them. In a newly released video of Jodi's mother, Sandra, being interrogated by Arizona detectives, Jodi's mom breaks down and says that, "Jodi has mental problems." I really feel for Jodi's mother.

Jodi has testified that her parents abused her when she was young, but much like Casey Anthony saying her father sexually abused her, at this point it's hard to tell how reliable of a narrator Jodi is.

In the interrogation video, a detective tells Sandra Arias that the cops have plenty of evidence against Jodi in the murder of her boyfriend, Travis, but that Jodi won't speak with them. Sandra, who clearly looks distressed, says:

I talked to her and she told me she was going to Utah and she came back and she was fine. So how could somebody -- you say she did this -- how could she come back and just be normal?

Good question, but if you're a sociopath or have managed to compartmentalize what happened, or completely justify it, it's certainly not out of the question for a person to act "normal" after killing someone. Sandra then weeps:

Jodi has mental problems. Jodi would freak out all the time. I had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that I needed to get her some help. One called me in the middle of the night and told me that she needed help.

Clearly, Arias was unbalanced before the murder, which she has said was done in self-defense. The last thing an unstable person like Jodi needs is a tumultuous relationship like the one she had with Travis. I don't know what happened in Jodi's childhood, but looking at her mother, I feel bad for her. There's only so much you can do to help your children, but did anyone talk to Jodi? Try to get her help? It sounds like Jodi and her mom didn't even have a relationship, so there was likely nothing she could do.

Did Jodi appear to have mental problems when Travis met her? Have you noticed how when a woman is murdered by her partner, everyone says she must have chosen badly and ignored the "signs"? Odd I don't hear this about Travis!

My guess is that if her friends were worried enough to call her mother, then they probably expressed their concern to Jodi too. But you can only help those who also want to help themselves.

Do you think if Jodi had gotten help this could have been avoided?


Image via HLN

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LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

" I had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that I needed to get her some help. One called me in the middle of the night and told me that she needed help."

Nope, I do NOT feel sorry for her. She slipped up on her job and somebody died. Know who I DO feel sorry for? Travis Alexander and his family.

nonmember avatar J

Right, because once your child reaches 18 you have control over their mental health...wrong. If she really is a sociopath, she was born that way and there was NOTHING anyone could do to 'teach' her anything. I feel bad for everyone affected by this, except Jodi who won't take responsibility.

nonmember avatar Justmebee

I agree. Jodi has victimized the Alexander family as much as her own family. My mother wouldn't be there to support me, let alone on a daily basis. I feel they made mistakes but did the best they could. Their legal responsibility ended when Jodi turned 18. Jodi murdered Travis in her late 20's. Jodi holds sole responsibility for her crimes. Let's stop blaming the parents! I came from an abused home an would NEVER victimize anyone. I couldn't bare the thought of creating someone else's pain.

nonmember avatar C

I agree that at some point you have to take responsibility for yourself, no matter what kind of childhood you had. I don't know what kind of childhood Arias had. I hope that her mom is like other moms and may have just been in denial of just how bad her daughter's mental state was and that's why she didn't get her help. What mom out there wants to believe their child is a sociopath and capable of such a heinous crime? I don't think her mom deserves to be looked at with daggers or blamed for Arias' actions. Arias not only destroyed the Alexander family, but also her own. If her mom was abusive, she needs to take responsibility for that, but I still don't believe that turns someone into a murderer. Everyone comes to a fork in the road where they need to choose which path they are going to take. Arias obviously chose the wrong one.

Steve Joseph

People are so inconsistent when it comes to labeling women. They want to call her a psychopath, but then retract that statement when they learn that a true psychopath is not fit to stand trial and certainly not eligible for the death penalty. So they want to revise their statements in a way that is just nasty enough, without denying her culpability. As for her mother, I'm on both sides of the fence. I think it's possible that some of her mother's behavioor indicates behavior typical of an abusive parent. For instance, if her mother doesn't get up at sentencing and plead for her daughter's life, something's wrong. However, it could also be simply that Jodi was out of her parents' control. As for Travis' culpability in all this, I think it's clear that he has some. Yes he missed warning signs. Yes he continued on his selfish hedonistic path without any regard to the emotional trauma he was causing in his wake. Yes he used and took advantage of Jodi's deteriorating mental health. As for Jodi, she obviously needs to be punished, but certainly not by death. Her actions weren't devastating enough, to be honest. I feel badly for Travis' family, but really only serial killers and mass bombers (Okla. City bombing, Boston Bombing etc,) deserve to be put to death. Jodi had NO criminal history in 27 years.. .clearly the murder, while awful, was out of character and there ARE mitigating factors. God bless everyone involved. EVERYONE.

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