Car Towed to Crash Lot With Woman's Body Still Inside Where It Sat for Days

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tow truck woman's bodyOn Friday, Carolyn Ann Watkins, 62, of North Carolina crashed her car into a deep ditch. The airbags deployed. A trooper sent to the scene could not find the driver and ordered her car towed. On Monday, when Watkins did not show up for work, her son reported her missing. Upon investigation, her body was found IN the driver's seat of the car that had been towed. She had been killed three days before and no one noticed.

This story is awful for so many, many reason it is hard to even begin to list them. Obviously, first and foremost, this is a tragedy for her family. But, it is also a tragedy for humanity. It is not entirely unlike that horrific story two years ago at a public pool in Boston where a woman's body sat at the bottom of a pool for days while people swam and was ignored.

Are people just not looking out for one another any more?

Trooper M.D. Williams filed the erroneous report and has been placed on paid leave. The whole thing is just disturbing in the extreme and raises so many questions: Could she have been saved if they had noticed earlier? Was she unable to speak and so unable to make noise? Was the trooper on drugs or drunk? Was he simply lazy?

It just makes no sense. Living in a society means trusting people. In the case of a public pool, we trust others to notice if we go under and possibly try to save us. We expect people to notice if we are being robbed or killed or hurt and intervene if necessary. But time and again, we are shown that they do not.

So where does that leave us? In this case, we can't even trust someone whose work depends on his diligence and attention to detail. He failed Watkins. But he also failed us all. In a society we depend on one another. Like it or not. Even the most independent person in the world has to depend on someone sooner or later. We just hope that when we need them, they step up to the plate.

So even if you are not an officer of the law, look around. Look at people. Really LOOK. Care. It is our duty to one another as members of society. If there is one lesson I am taking from this horrific incident, it is that.

My heart breaks for her family and I hope they can find some peace in this tragedy.

Do you look out for strangers?


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Kattey Kattey

I do help people if I think they need it.

I have my own questions about this though. How was her body in the front seat and no one noticed it? I mean, the trooper didn't see it, the tow truck driver didn't see it, how does this happen?

luvprue1 luvprue1

Oh now c'mon . He didn't even look in the car?! I mean the car crash. The Trooper had to have seen that the air bag was  deployed, unless he didn't look into the car at all. How could he over miss that? ..and what about the tow truck driver not see  the body?  I mean at least one of them should have caught it.  So all that they were thinking about is how much money they were going to make from the tow that neither of them thought to move the air bag out of the way to see if someone was inside. I mean it was a very big crash , not  one in which you would expect someone to walk away from. So why didn't either one of them (re:Trooper, tow truck driver)  bother to check?



Danielle Roloson Menotti

I am wondering why a body or a person wouldnt be looked for its not like a car can crash its self
he should have ran the plates and at least notified the family or something

Rusty Robinson

Working as a paramedic for 18 years I know mistakes can happen. I crawled into an over turned grand cherokee and found a dead driver and a bag of clothes in the front passenger seat. After 20 mins with 6 emergency workers standing there in broad daylight we rolled the jeep over and I went to push the bag of clothes back in the window and realized it was the drivers wife. You wouldn't think it could happen and if it had not happened to me I would call shenanigan's, but trust me it can happen.

nonmember avatar Autumn

So what your saying really paints a pretty picture as to why the government should leave or right to bear arms alone, because obviously we can't count on anyone else to save us not even a police officer. Regardless of context if no one can report a dead body they can't prevent one either.

nonmember avatar Izabel Z

What if there was a chance she didnt die right after the accident and died from blood loss from not being found.

tuffy... tuffymama

Cops really aren't here to serve and protect anymore. They are merely for LAW ENFORCEMENT. Think about what that really means.

Katie Cruz

What a bunch of idiots. How can you NOT check? He either didn't check, or obviously didn't check well enough. I hope the family sues the crap out of them. Since, you know, everyone in this country likes to sue for everything. However, in this case, I wouldn't blame them.

Judith K Littles

How did he not find her if she was in the car? He could not possibly have looked at all.  I wonder if she was already dead or if she died of her injuries after being left in that car for three days. This is horrible. I feel so badly for her family.

wolfjess wolfjess

The autopsy report showed that she died on impact. The officer did not see her because she had slumped into the floorboard and the airbag was covering her. He obviously didn't look thoroughly but just glancing in the car she could have been hidden. 

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