Fifth Graders Accused of Rape Plot Against Female Classmate

school busLast month two fifth-graders were arrested for plotting to murder their classmate. As if that wasn't horrifying enough on its own, the story has taken a darker turn. According to the prosecution, one of the Fort Colville boys was also plotting to rape their victim.

The boys will stand trial in juvenile court for first degree conspiracy to murder. As part of the evidence submitted during a mental capacity hearing, the prosecution presented a handwritten plan consisting of seven steps. The boy apparently described the rape as a show of "power and strength," not as a sexual thing. But then, psychologists will tell you most rapes are really about power. Regardless, how depressing that rape is even on these kids' radar, much less in their plan.

It's another example of how pervasive our rape culture is. These are still children, as monstrous as their intentions are. You would hope kids could hold onto a tiny shred of their innocence a little bit younger. I'm trying to remember how old I was when I first learned there was such a thing as rape, though, and I was probably around the same age. And now I'm sure their intended victims' nightmares are going to get even worse.

But I think for most kids, rape is imagined (hopefully only ever imagined) as something that happens to you. It would take an extreme mindset to imagine yourself at the age of 10 or 11 as someone who could commit rape. To actually identify oneself as a rapist! How does a kid even make that leap? It makes me wonder what has already happened to the kid. Maybe he's been a victim of sexual abuse himself. Clearly he's feeling weak and powerless in his life to go through such extremes.

I know that ultimately only these two kids can answer for their actions and their plan. But every time a young person does something horrible, or even plans something horrible, I have to think the blame extends to their community: The people raising them, the adults failing to pass on values and ethics, and ultimately our violent culture.

How old do you think most kids are now when they first learn what rape is?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

I heard at a parenting seminar once that it's been determained that a persons moral compass, their ethical standing and sense of right vs. wrong, is set by about age 10.

Cynthia Cruz

IF we were allowed to spank our kids when they misbehave many of the behaviors that we see now would cease to exist. When there is no consequence for bad behavior (not that stupid time out crap where they can think about something to do) there is no correction. It's not a communities responsibility to correct a kids behavior like this, unless someone will let me spank their bratty kid when they won't then I'm all for it.

3Dani75 3Dani75

I agree that we should be able to disipline our children the way we were. But this might also be one of those rare times when it has nothing to do with how a child is brought up by their might just be that these boys are sociopaths/phycopaths & they need to get help now while they are still young (unless it's already too late) 

There are times when it doesn't matter how well someone is raised or what has happened to them in their lives (excuses can be used for only so long). At this age they know right from wrong. It reminds me of the 2 boys who kidnapped & beat the toddler to death a several years ago. No remorse or empathy= sociopath! 

I feel badly for the little girl and the families, friends & community of all these kids. Who wants to admit their child is evil? but that sounds exactly like what these boys are. They need to face the concequences for their actions. It's unfortunate that it is being handled in juvenile court though, cause chances are they won't get all the help they need to enter society again. When they reach adulthood & are released they will just be worse than they are now. 

Rebecca Smyth

yes, its horrible. But, i can definately believe it! think about how many 8-10yr olds walking around with Wi-Fi compatible MP3, a child has instant access to everythiong on the web..i mean, damn, youtube is all it takes..picture a kid typing lyrics to a song in the search bar..i have 4 kids and i worry ab stuff like this all the are cruel..they dont really understand the consequences to actions..even if they know the such and such will happen if they do this..but untill it happens they really dont have a clue. something must have been going on in this kids life that made him think its ok..

Elizabeth Gonzalez

being able to spank a kid has nothign to do w/ this... and whooping a child only teaches violence.. how about as a parent you teach your kids right from wrong and when they do wrong they suffer consequences such as no phone, no tv, no computer, video games, i pads/pods... no nothing but maybe books to read. So many parents don't punish enough or severly and consistently enough... and kids picking on kids, or bullying or disobeying is NOT kids being kids.. .it is NOT okay... however in this case.. this is much more than a possible lack of punishment... these kids need help and CPS needs to investigate their families... I can not even fathom where in the world a child thinks rape is okay and would want to rape or hurt someone for a power trip.... WTH??? something has happened to these kids or they have some mental illness.

Kaitlyn Johnson

Boy's simply think it's "Cool" to talk about things such as sex, abuse, and drugs. It's society's imprinting on today's children, and it's only going to get worse.

Nicole Phillips

"The people raising them, the adults failing to pass on values and ethics"

Wow, really?  These children are SICK.  This is obviously a mental issue.  You know nothing about their parents.  What a terrible thing to say.

nonmember avatar ajd

my daughter is 9 and has no idea. My son is 13 and learned of rape at the age of 12. He saw it happen on primetime tv and didn't understand that the woman was being hurt til he saw her tears. Then I answered ALL KINDS OF QUESTIONS!!! honestly tho. So he would understand.

Barbara Schoonover Huffman

I think it doesnt help when parents let their kids just watch anything and play anything with out the regards of the rating it has on it..I remember when I was a manager at a video store this one kid told me Jason was his favorite character and he was like 6 who lets 6 yr old watch a rated R movie with mass killing in it...or the even the games rated m with all the killing in them and they look almost real now... they have ratings for a reason

MelDo... MelDouglas

My daughter is in 5th grade, she doesn't know what

Sex is, much less what rape is! She has had her cycle for a little over a year, but i believe its still to young for the sex talk. I will have to have it soon due to other kids at school saying things all the time. I agree allot of the blame lies on the parents, what have they talked about in from of them, what have they let them watch on tv, internet etc. But there are some children that take knowledge to a dark place no matter how they were raised.

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