Mom Sues Over Failed Abortion Even Though It Gave Her a Second Healthy Child

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doctor's officeNobody likes getting sued. But folks at an Ohio medical clinic tied up in a malpractice lawsuit over a botched abortion that resulted in a mom giving birth to a healthy baby have caught a lucky break. Well, it's better than facing a wrongful death lawsuit, isn't it?

Bringing up abortion in America is a tricky thing. You can easily be dragged down into a policy debate about the right to life. Some will surely cheer that an abortion didn't work, that a child was born despite a woman exercising her right to choose. But in the case of Ariel Knights and her fight against the Akron Women’s Medical Group, the life on the line was the mother's.

Knights was a mother of a pre-schooler when she got pregnant again. She decided to get an abortion because of a genetic medical condition called uterus didelphys that would put her life in danger if she had another child. With a child at home to take care of, Knights feared leaving him motherless.

But in court documents, Knights alleges the abortion wasn't performed properly. A week later she ended up in the ER, where they told her she was still pregnant. Turned down by another clinic that refused to give her what would essentially be another abortion, Knights opted to risk the pregnancy.

Now she's a mother of two.

It's hard to say whether she's lucky or not. She survived a high risk pregnancy and came out on the other end with a healthy baby. That's certainly good news. On the other hand, she went in for an abortion and ended up with a baby ... the two don't tend to go hand in hand. Her chances of ending up in this boat were slim to none -- surgical abortion success rates are around 99 percent.

But let's just look at things from the clinic's perspective. If everything in this lawsuit is to be believed, they screwed up royally, and they put a woman's life at risk in doing it. The chances of that happening are sadly rather high. Medical malpractice is now listed as the third highest cause of death in the United States.

They got lucky because Ariel Knights lived. Period.

We can debate abortion until the cows come home, but let's face it: if this mother had died because an abortion didn't work, where would we be?


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Coles... Coles_mom

I assume she signed consent forms that covered all possibilities of what could go wrong. I hope she doesn't get a cent. She wanted to kill her child.

LostS... LostSoul88

I'm on the moms side on this.... I only believe in abortions under certain circumstances and life risking is one of them. That clinic played russian roulette with someones life and they need to be held responsible. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

Regardless of your stand on abortion, this is technically medical malpractice. She absolutely can sue.

miche... micheledo

What about the woman who died from a botched abortion? Sure, this mom could have died from the pregnancy, or she could have died from the abortion, or the abortion could have worked and she would be the mother of one child. Instead she is the mother of two and she is alive. Sounds like the very best case scenario occurred!!! So ,why is she suing?? (Assuming she love sthe child and is keeping it)

bills... billsfan1104

That poor child will find out now that he wasn't wanted.

mande... manderspanders

@coles_mom and anyone else who wants to bash this mother:  READ THE ARTICLE.  She didn't want an abortion, she had a medical condition - a double uterus and was told that because the pregnancy implanted in the "weaker" uterus, it was dangerous to continue.  She felt strongly enough that she needed to be a mother to her son, not to put her life in jeopardy with this pregnancy.  She clearly loves her baby, and it is something of a miracle that the baby not only lived, but that the mother survived - after many ERs and hospital stays. 

Your stance on abortion shouldn't matter - this woman failed to receive adequate care; a clinic failed to properly complete a procedure... these are things that directly put the health of the mother (and that baby) at high risk.  It shouldn't matter what the procedure is, ANYONE should be able to have some trust that when a doctor performs a procedure, they follow protocol and get it right.  If they don't, they are responsible for the outcomes.  This clinic should have to cover her medical expenses associated with the high risk pregnancy.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I'm confused regarding the time line of this. If I were in this woman's shoes, I would have opted for the abortion the second I found out about the life threatening pregnancy. Even after the first botched abortion and when the second clinic said they wouldn't do it, there wasn't enough time to find another clinic that would?

CPN322 CPN322

I truly can not believe that there are individuals that do not understand why they are suing. Seriously, so if they sue they can't possibly love their child? What an ignornant, foolish comment to make. Also, this should be the one instance where everyone agrees on abortion!!!! I have absolutely no respect for anyone who would rather risk letting the mother die than give her an abortion saying if its gods will she will make it through.  You know what could be gods will? Creating doctors and medication.

CPN322 CPN322

And the poor child WAS wanted!!!!! People need to actually read the original articles before posting assinine comments.

mrsbj... mrsbj2010

coles_mom are you stupid? did you not read the part that said it was a life threatening pregnancy? Yes she should rot in hell because she didn't want to leave her other child motherless *eyeroll.

I'm amazed by people's stupidity.

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