Pluto's 'Gate to Hell' Discovered in Ancient City (Also, the Devil Smells Bad & Hates Birds)

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gate to hellFor centuries, the human race has been obsessed/terrified with the idea of finding the official "Gates of Hell." You know, that infamous portal to The Underworld, which played such an important role in Greek and Roman mythology (it's where Hades dragged Persephone and the god Pluto was venerated as a "stern" but loving ruler), AND inspired such "classic" horror flicks as The Gate and The Ninth Gate. Cool concept, but no one besides Stephen Dorff and Johnny Depp have been able to find the portal's exact location. Which is kind of okay, considering the noxious fumes coming from the cave's entrance were noted historically for not only "inducing visions" but also spelling "certain death" for any animals passing by. 

Except, guess what? Archaeologists really did find "Pluto's Gate" this time, or so they say, hidden in the ruins of the city of Hierapolis in Turkey. And it sounds like this one might be the real deal.

Lead archaeologist Francesco D'Andria says his team discovered the portal "by reconstructing the route of a thermal spring" to a cave surrounded by the ruins of a temple, pool, and steps where ancient followers could watch sacred rites performed at the Hell gate's opening. Need further proof? Says D'Andria:

"We could see the cave's lethal properties during the excavation ... Several birds died as they tried to get close to the warm opening, instantly killed by the carbon dioxide fumes."

Does that mean those birds went straight to Hell since it was so conveniently located and all? Ha! Anyway, I really do hope these archaeologists come up with some way of finding out what's in the cave without dying from noxious fumes.

What do you think archaeologists will discover when they delve deeper into the Portal?


Image via MarcMcPherson/Flickr

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nonmember avatar April

They just may realize that if they mess with the true gate. They will loose the entities that are contained within. Not to wise of a decision.

nonmember avatar Sara

As curious as I am to find out what they can find in there, it is true that if something does come out we will probably be in a bit of trouble. Who knows what it holds, demons, plagues, just like a pandoras box.

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