Dad on Trial for Killing His 3 Daughters Hopes to Go Free Someday

aaron schaffhausenAaron Schaffhausen, the 35-year-old dad who allegedly killed his three children, ages 5 to 11, has recently changed his plea from guilty to guilty but insane. The plea change came a little over week before Schaffhausen's trial begins, and it changes everything. Instead of prosecutors having to prove that Schaffhausen killed his three kids via slitting their throats, or that he tried to set fire to their River Falls, Wisconsin home, the defense will have to prove that Schaffhausen had a mental disease or defect at the time of the alleged crime, and that he lacked the mental wherewithal to control his impulses. And yes, it also means that if Schaffhausen is found "insane", he could someday be released from whatever mental institution he's placed in. Doesn't seem like a great idea, now does it?

I don't think you need to be a mental health professional to know that there's something wrong with Aaron Schaffhausen, if he committed this crime. Very wrong. Only a crazy person would brutally and violently murder their own children and then text their ex-wife the message: "You can come home now, because I killed the kids." But still. It doesn't mean they shouldn't get an appropriate punishment for their crime if proven guilty. (Note: If you think the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for a crime this heinous, you're out of luck: There is no death penalty in Wisconsin.)

With vicious crimes seemingly on the rise, it's more than clear that there needs to be a serious shake-up in the mental health industry. But I don't think placing a person who killed their three young children in an institution falls under this umbrella. I think a person who kills their three young children should be locked up forever. Or, yes, killed.

What do you think should happen to Aaron Schaffhausen?



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LostS... LostSoul88

you have to be stpid to believe he is guily by being insane. Put a bullet in this sick bastards head

Kediset Kediset

you know, I never really liked the defense that they were insane 'at the time of the crime'. It just seems to convenient you know?

Kim Focht

Really? He should spend the rest of his life having to reflect on what he did in a prison until he is judged by the good Lord himself!!!

Christi Gates-Hale

Since we can't slit his throat I guess we'll have to go with life in prison and hope someone on the inside does it for us.

Tammy Harris Biel

Death is a easy way out for this sick asshole!!! I hope he gets life and that way the ones he's locked up with will take care of the rest. Yea, there are alot of people in jail/prison for many different reasons BUT I do know that ALOT of men and woman do NOT tolerate this kind of behavior and once he is proven guilty, he will be taken care of by the ones he's locked up with that do NOT put up with the shit he did. I hope and pray that he is torchered and bullied EVERY SINGLE DAY that he is in there for the rest of his life!! I don't want the guys to kill him. . .Again, that's a easy way out but I do want them to make sure that every single day he is getting what he deserves!! Ass whoopin everyday!!!!

Vanessa Nicole Manitta

Sad really. Hmm pleading insane already. So he can go out and do more harm? There should be a death penalty everywhere. Idiots like him get away with anything and everything

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