Man Accused of Trying to Sell His Daughter for Girlfriend's Bail Money

man selling daughterThere are despicable parents and then there is Shawn Wayne Hughes, a 32-year-old Kingsport, Tenn. man, accused of trying to guilt his girlfriend Jessica April Carey's grandmother into giving him the $1,500 bail money to get Carey out of jail after she was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and neglect. When that did not work, he offered to sell her his 6-year-old daughter. For $1,500.


It is unclear whether the child Carey is accused of abusing is the same child Hughes offered to sell, but what is clear here is that the children in the house are not being treated well. Police recorded the conversation in which he offered to sell his daughter. Pretty damning evidence if you ask me. As the mother of a beautiful 6-year-old girl myself, my heart just breaks at this.

Honestly, maybe she would have been better off, though. The reality is, he was offering to sell her to the grandmother who ultimately turned him in so clearly she knew it was wrong. She obviously has enough money to be the one Hughes would turn to. And she has enough moral code to know to turn him in.

It's impossible to tell from such a short story, but it does seem like maybe she would be the better choice for this poor little girl.

It is so unfair that some children get to be raised in loving homes, feeling wanted and well cared for, while other are raised in this way. What happens to kids like this? I think we all know. I think we all know they end up trying to sell their own kids some day. Or worse.

This is the heart of why child abuse is so egregious and evil. Ruining a person's childhood is often akin to ruining them. Not many people come back strong from awful childhoods. It happens, of course. But what happens far MORE often is that children repeat their parent's mistakes, feel terribly unwanted, and hate their lives.

This is the kind of story you read and never forget. In 15 years, I will still wonder about this poor little girl and where she ended up. I hope someone, somewhere can help her have a childhood where she feels safe, with guardians who value and love her.

Of course, that is overly optimistic. But I hope. 

Do you think kids come back from these kinds of things?


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teddy... teddysmama09

This poor child! I think if there is any hope for this child it will depend on who gets guardianship over her. If someone strong, loving, intellegent and nurturing gets to raise this girl she will hopefully stand a chance at living a successful life and not becoming a product of her miserable parents.

Tina Marie Duncan

This is so sad:( I do agree this is mostly what you see after a horrible childhood.

TexasRDA TexasRDA

Wait a minute.  I just heard this story in reverse a few days ago.  It was a woman trying to sell her toddler and baby for her boyfriends bail money.  Now I'm questioning both stories.

elija... elijahsmama09

Parents like these make me wish for forced sterilization. 

anony... anonymom27

I completely, totally, vehemently disagree. Abuse victims don't automatically grow up to be like their parents. I've always hated that generalization.

Sara Cunningham

Abuse survivors do not always up to be abusers themselves, or even "more of the time". Good lord, that's such a damaging thing to say.

Please do more research before stating something like that so carelessly. The last thing a survivor needs is to be told they're likely to follow in their parent's footsteps, or imply they don't have control over it. They can make similar choices, but abuse is not a "mistake".

Survivors can always choose to be better than those who hurt them. And a very good many of them do. 

Kasondra Iarussi

I agree....such a horribly generalistic statement that abuse victims almost always grow up to be abusers or somehow deffective. 

I came from an abusive background and like Sara Cunninham said we make our OWN choices and do have control over what we do and how we turn out. Many times it is the only thing you feel you have control over. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

Wow, Sasha, what an ignorant statement. You have no stats to back that up. Did you not take logic at your little private school? The fact that most abusers were vistims DOES NOT mean that most victims become abusers. Look up converse, inverse, and contrapositive and maybe you won't sound so very daft.

ak_bl... ak_bluerose

ppl need to fill out and application and get approved to get pregnant!!

nonmember avatar Samantha

As a child I was abused and had 2 beautiful girls while I was a child. But now that I am a grown adult I am not a victim I AM A SURVIVOR. I think it is wrong to say since that child was abused they are going to repeat the same or similar acts that happened to them. This story is horrible they should be locked up for eternity!

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