Teen Accused of Murdering His Own Grandfather for Tattoos & Gym Shoes

man shot grandfatherA 19-year-old on the South Side of Chicago is accused of killing his 72-year-old grandfather in cold blood earlier this months. The elderly man who had taken care of his grandson for the past few months, had been waiting for his bus ride to a kidney dialysis appointment.

Prosecutors allege that William Strickland shot his grandfather (also named William Strickland) six times in the back and stole his wallet, leaving him to bleed to death just feet from his own home. He then used the money he got to buy tattoos and gym shoes. If this is true, it is one of the coldest, sickest things I remember hearing.

As a parent, it is also an absolute nightmare. When you are first pregnant, there is always that one conversation every parent has that starts with something like this: What if?


What if we have a child who is not what we expected? What if we have a child we cannot control? What if we have a child who hurts us?

Quickly, for most of us, those thoughts are set aside with the busy day-to-day of raising our kids. Besides, not many people really worry that their adorable 5-year-old is going to someday do something horrific and cruel. 

Of course, if they do. Everyone will blame the mom and dad (assuming there is one). In this case, I am sure people will wonder where his mother went wrong in raising a boy who joined gangs and killed his grandfather. But there is evidence that his mother was paying attention and trying to keep her son out of trouble. She sent him to live with her father to try to keep him out of trouble. Clearly she was trying.

The story is just tragic all around. No one thinks their child is going to grow up to hurt their family. Who does something like this? Now his mother is in the horrible position of having to either continue to love the boy who killed her father or abandoning her son.

What a horrible, horrible tragedy.

Do you think it is the parent's fault when something like this happens?


Image via Chicago Police

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