Two Fifth-Graders Accused of Terrifying Murder Plot May Have Been Bullied

fifth grade murder plotTwo young, fifth grade boys will stand trial in juvenile court for a murder plot that is as disturbing as it is terrifying. The two, ages 10 and 11, are accused of planning to stab a young girl in their class to death, allegedly planning to lure her away from the school, where the older boy would stab her.

But their plan did not stop there. The younger boy was allegedly going to use the gun to hurt or maim anyone who tried to interfere. According to police, this "plan" had seven steps and sounds very, very real. That list was submitted as evidence at their mental capacity hearing Friday. State appointed psychologists say these boys DO present a threat to the community. Good lord, where did these parents go wrong? Where did the school go wrong? How does something like this happen?

According to some reports, their plan was retaliation for the girl having been "mean" to them. "Mean" to a fifth grader can mean a lot of things. Lord knows I did and said some very mean things when I was in middle school, from about the age of 10 to 13 or so.

But you know what? Kids are mean. As parents, our job is to protect our kids from bullies, sure. But it is also to teach a little resilience that does NOT involve a murder plot.

What is so sad about this case is that two kids have no idea how fleeting it all is. Sure, we hear about the scars of bullying and how they last forever. That seems to be a very popular thing to say and believe today. But the reality is, most adults walking around today experienced some form of bullying.

I had it both ways. I was the aggressor and the victim. And you know what? I am OK. Sure, I remember the name of the girl in sixth grade who made my life a living hell (Heather, in case anyone is wondering), but I don't care any more. She may be perfectly nice now. She may have been having an awful year with parents going through a bad divorce and who knows what else going on at home. Maybe she acted out because she did not know what else to do with those feelings.

Bullying is a terrible thing. But murder is worse. Even if these kids were bullied, it is no excuse to hatch a plan to murder. Everyone wants to talk about kids today and how their bullying is out of hand. I beg to differ. Bullying has been around for ages. Sure, we can (and should) change it. We should work on it. But murder, in this case, would be a permanent solution to a temporary problem. At 10 and 11, those boys should know that.

If this is the truth, these boys are dangerous all right.

Do you think being bullied excuses this?


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nekoy... nekoyukidoll

not at all.  I was bullied as a kid and not once did it cross my mind to hurt or wish harm on the ones who bullied me.  Like you said, being "mean" to a fifth grader could very well be she didn't let them play with a toy or use a book.  My nieces used to cry out how mean other kids were when the same thing happened to them or if I told them they couldn't do something.  While I definitely think bullying is a big problem. there are some kids who think if they're told no, they're bullied.  That being said, these kids should be charged to the fullest extent of the law and their parents need classes.  

silve... silverdawn99

I am so tired of people using bullying as an excuse for violence! bullshit! there is only two reasons to kill another person. When you are in danger of being killed or protecting a loved one. People need to take responsiblity and own up for their actions

yes bullying is a problem but it always has been and will always will be. Taking your life and taking another persons life is not the answer for it

Sara Cunningham

Being bullied does a lot of damaging things to a kid. Having been bullied, and sometimes violently, for most of my school days, I can attest to the fact that it sets you up to have a lot of issues. It'll cause anger, helplessness and damage to self-esteem.

A lot of bullied kids turn that damage inward on themselves. Sometimes, the rage and helplessness is turned outward. They either continue the cycle of bullying or you end up with stuff like this.

Being bullied is never an excuse for hurting or abusing another person. Everyone should be able to control their own actions. But when you're a kid, you do need more help and guidance than an adult to figure out what a healthy outlet and way of coping is. I'm not saying they were right. They're fully responsible for their own actions. But they need to develop the skills and knowledge to cope.

I hope these kids get the counseling they clearly need to work through things.

Kathryn White

I was bullied by a boy in school so bad that I attempted suicide, he knew karate, he and several friends kept bullying me for years, 35 years later I am still in therapy I still suffer PTSD. Bullying is can be extreme.

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