Soldiers Homecoming Surprise Mix Shows the Amazing Power of Mom Love (VIDEO)

mom and sonIn this, the ultimate, most sweetest, tear-jerking military homecoming video ever, families across the country are reunited with their loved ones in uniform. Toddlers run to greet their dads back from duty, girlfriends tear up and extend their arms for their sorely-missed boyfriends, and mothers, well, the mothers of the soldiers and sailors freak out ... and I mean that in the best way possible.

There's just something so special about a mother's love for her child and this video found a way to capture it. No one, no one is more excited, thrilled, relieved, and ecstatic than the military moms here. They jump, they shriek, they cry, they latch on and don't let go.

Get out the tissues and take a look to see what I mean.

Thanks to all the military service-members, and thanks to you too, moms.

Which reunion in the video touched you the most?


Photo via Scott McGrath/YouTube



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jkm89 jkm89

Ok, who's cutting onions in here?!

Rosanne Ramirez-Westling

loved them all made me cry BUT the little girl at the airport was the best!

Linda Kleingardner

oh my goodness cried through all of them u see i have two grandsons in the army so very eay to relate to that awesome

Marian J. Clennon

My favorite is the little girl running down the hall to her daddy.

Jaynette Raber

OMG! I cried from the first one to the last. I loved the mom that jumped on the couch. I was afraid she was going to fall backwards. Loved all of them. Still crying! There needs to be a "HAVE KLEENEX AVAILABLE BEFORE WATCHING" warning on this video.

Roni Clark

This one was really good! Not all sappy and stuff. Just genuine surprise.

Melissa Ditchfield

I love them all, but the parents surprising their kids are my favourite, crying my eyes out. Very heart-warming!

dedic... dedicatedmama2

Our homecoming was AMAZING!!! Our 2yr old ran right up to daddy passing everyone right into his arms. Its amazing that no matter how long they are gone and not being able to talk to their parents, they still KNOW exactly who they are. I love seeing others wonderful reactions and pray till they all come home 

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

The girl crying to see her dad after making her Christmas wish to Santa was my favorite. But the best one wasn't included was when the boy surprised his dad by walking to him when he returned home from his deployment. That's was the best welcome home gift he will ever get in his life.

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