Two Women Pregnant by Same Man Get in Violent Fight That Leads to an Amputation (VIDEO)

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pregnant brawl

So much for girl power and "sisters" sticking together. One pregnant woman allegedly rammed another pregnant woman with a car, pinning her up against her home in Houston on Thursday, breaking both her legs and causing one of her feet to be amputated, and why?! Because 26-year-old Shareyll Hunter and 21-year-old Alise Kelly are reportedly both pregnant by the same man, 26-year-old Christopher Chaney (yes, that would be the very unconcerned-looking dude with the smug grin pictured here). According to Chaney:

"I was in my house asleep, and then one of my kids’ mothers came. I mean, they been texting and talking over the phone saying they want to fight each other and meet up right here and do it." 

You know how some people are all talk? Not these gals.

"When I came outside, I seen my kids’ mother punching on the window and she wanted to fight the other one," Chaney said.

That's when Hunter allegedly jumped into Chaney's car and hit the gas, trapping Kelly between the car and the house. Kelly started "screaming in pain" (geez, ya think?!).

"And I was like, ‘She’s pregnant,’ and that’s when I seen her leg twisted," said Chaney.

That's also when Hunter apparently took off -- in Chaney's four-door Lincoln LS!! And she's STILL on the loose. Meanwhile, Kelly was taken to the hospital, where the aforementioned foot amputation took place. Oh my god, how horrible. I can't even imagine! Her baby, at least, is expected to be okay. When asked if he thought the brawl was over him, Chaney (who already has two children with Hunter and has two other children with two different women) replied:

"I mean, I’m handsome."

Okay. So clearly this guy is a tremendous asshole who doesn't care about any of his babies or babymamas. WHY would these two women turn on each other instead of teaming up to pin his sorry ass up against the house (theoretically, of course. There's no excuse for such violence!). I just don't get it. Watch this video to get a sense of just how arrogant this babydaddy seems:

Do you think these women would have been better off turning on Christopher Chaney than each other?

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evely... evelynolivesmom

"Two Black Cadillacs" comes to mind. Seriously, who would ever have sex with that man, sick.

mande... manderspanders

What do you expect will happen when people don't grow up with any sense of responsibility? When the morals in society are non-existant? This is the new reality. Women too dumb to not get knocked up (multiple times) by men who don't care and don't think they are responsible for anything. And yet this type of behavior is only further encouraged by so-called "progressive" promoting single parents, active sex lives and non-disclosure of your number, discrediting marriage, and basically throwing traditional family values under the bus.

But then, really, what else do you expect from ghetto trash? Or trailer trash? Stupidity like this knows no race or socio-economic status (just look at reality stars). Society is irreparably broken.

Serab... Serabelle

i will never understand women who blame other women for a man running around. women should stick together. and what kind of pregnant woman attacks another pregnant woman? that is just horrible! that innocent child could have been killed, or her own child for that matter! it's sick. and men like this should be neutered like a stray dog! sick sick sick!

eupeptic eupeptic

From an evolutionary perspective, no, it's better to reduce competition for a man who's a good protector/provider (and being attractive means that a guy would more likely be able to win in competitions/wars against other men who challenge their authority [and kill animals rather than be killed so they can have food to eat] as well as provide the woman and their children with the support/protection they need to be able to survive) than attack a man who's likely to be a good protector/provider (note that a healthy, attractive man is not guaranteed to be a good provider/protector/husband/father as evolution does not function based on our ideas of perfection/idealism but what simply is better than the available alternatives) for her children because any alternatives (less attractive, healthy, etc. men) would probably be more likely to mean death for the woman and her children than a man that the woman instinctively finds to be attractive.

From the perspective of the society we live in today, these women simply should have avoided this man from the get-go... but humans evolved from more a primitive form of life and as such don't always behave in a manner which is best for the society we have in the present and wish to create in the future.

Vegeta Vegeta

A few weeks ago at my job, two women with several children were fighting over the mutual father of all the children, who was in jail for armed robbery btw. One of the women ended up pepper spraying the other woman/children. Very interesting sassy black women fight.

lasombrs lasombrs

Well he is a real catch right there....

Rootbear Rootbear

What a fucking pig.

nonmember avatar alli

neuter him! very simple! then this will never happen again

Lovem... Lovemyshadows

Please don't use babymama and babydaddy that is so uncouth.

momav... momavanessa

Umm women from all races and backgrounds fight for guys. I don't get it at all. No man is worth fighting another woman for.

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