Man Wins 'It's a Small World' Lawsuit After the Ride Gets Stuck for 30 Minutes


it's a small worldNo matter how young or old you are, "It's a Small World" is one of those songs that you hear once and then just can't stop hearing. It is enough to drive anyone mad. But it literally drove one guy to a panic attack and high blood pressure attack back in November 2009. The 50-year-old disabled man, Jose Martinez, got stuck on the Disneyland ride when it broke down. 

Martinez is paralyzed and said he got stuck in his wheelchair in the "Goodbye Room." Thus, he was forced to hear the "Small World" theme over and over again for a half hour, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to the panic attack and high blood pressure, Martinez's lawyer said his traumatized client also needed to urinate and that he could not medically stabilize for three hours after the incident. Eek. As a result, Martinez was just awarded $8,000 in damages.

I guess one could argue Martinez is owed even more money for his pain and suffering. It does sound like the guy was mentally and physically tortured to some extent. But I dunno ...

The skeptic in me wonders if it was really as bad as Martinez alleges. Thirty minutes isn't really that long, right? Come on, most parents get stuck listening to the same Little Einstein or Dora the Explorer tunes or sound effects for MUCH longer than that!! And they're not suing anyone! All I'm saying is sometimes people use unfortunate circumstances like these to get unnecessarily litigious.

Then again, if Martinez actually did suffer the medical traumas described, well, my heart does go out to him. But I'd feel bad for anyone who had to endure even one round of that song!

Do you think the guy deserved to win the suit?


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Bloom... Bloomie79

He made a choice to get on the ride, that's a common and accepted possibility when you make that choice. 

nonmember avatar MammaMel

you are stuck in like for 90+ minutes for that ride listening to the song and not able to least you could sit down in the boat...what about all the people stuck in line? Not sorry at all.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

he won because the able bodies passengers were able to be removed from the ride and he was not, so it was an ADA violation

happi... happinessforyou

IDK- If I were paralized-how much fun would any Disney ride be? If the thought of being in an enclosed place would give me a panic attack-I really don't think I'd risk going. And lets face it- "It's a Small World" would make anyone anxious! :(

nonmember avatar jadeous

As a 12 yo I was stuck on the ride for over 20 minutes. No one was removed from the ride and the dolls were still singing and dancing the entire time. The guy deserves the money! As an able bodied person I found it terrifying to be stuck on that ride so much that I did not want to go on it as an adult with my children (I did anyway). My children agreed it was creepy and not something that ever needs to happen again. Let us address the real issue that the ride is racist and outdated! No one should be subjected to that ride.

nonmember avatar Brandi

OMG!!! Right before my finace and I got together he went there with his family and got stuck in that ride but for him it was like 1-2 hrs. and he told me the horror story lol. If my fiance got over it im sure he could have too. Granet he cant ever hear that song again or he goes crazy lol..

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