Pedophile Professor’s Suicide Leads to the Arrest of Another Alleged Pedophile

Twisted 22

Pedophilia doesn't pay. That's the lesson you could get from this bizarre and disgusting story of two pedophiles who tried to use a young girl for their sick needs -- but ended up destroying each other instead. A 59-year-old Texas A&M professor allegedly began emailing what he thought was an underage girl online, only to receive an outraged call from her "father" demanding $5,000 for the girl's "counseling." But it turned out that all wasn't what it seemed in this twisted scenario and both men would pay a steep price -- one with his life.

The professor, a married father of two named James Aune, reportedly met what he believed was an underage girl on a social networking site called He was apparently trolling for young girls, and really, a married professor should know he's taking a huge risk doing that. But he did it anyway. Pedophiles are like that.

Reportedly, the naked videos and pictures of the girl were real -- but behind them wasn't the girl, but her relative, 37-year-old Daniel Timothy Duplaisir. Duplaisir set up a fake name and email account pretending to be the girl. Once he got the professor's phone number, he began texting him, pretending to be the girl's angry father. One text reportedly went: "Let me tell you (expletive) ... you sick old (expletive) ... I told you I was going to call the cops." Said another: "If I do not hear from you I swear to God Almighty that the police in your place of employment, students ALL OVER THE INTERNET ... ALL OF THEM will be able to see your conversations, text, pictures you sent."

But instead of calling the cops, he began blackmailing Aune for $5,000. Pretty twisted scheme. Aune sent the blackmailer $1,000 and at some point confessed to his poor wife that he was being blackmailed. He promised to pay up the rest later.

But on the day of Aune's suicide, Duplaisir escalated his threats. Finally, Aune wrote, "Killing myself now. And u will be prosecuted for blackmail."

Duplaisir now faces charges of extortion. And get this, Duplaisir had already been arrested in 2011 -- for incest and sexual battery of the same young female relative. Where are this girl's parents???

Both of these guys couldn't control their illegal and immoral sexual impulses, and both of them ended up destroying each other. But frankly I'm more concerned about this girl. What will happen to her? No word on how old she is. Was it obvious she was underage from her online profile? Did the professor know she was underage? How did a man who was well-respected in the community, an author, and a professor end up sinking so low?

I'd like to say this could serve as a warning for pervs to stay off the Internet trolling for young girls, but if spending time in prison doesn't deter them, I don't think this will either.

What do you think of these guys? Do you think he should be charged with causing his suicide too?


Image via Metairie Sheriff's Office

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nonmember avatar kaerae

There is no charge for "causing suicide," only for assisting physically. He should be charged with extortion, sexual exploitation of a child and anything else they can get him for. As for the dead guy...meh.

nonmember avatar Guest

Jim Aune was not a pedophile. He was a man who struggled with depression and made a terrible err in judgment that there is no question he deeply regretted. His actions may not be possible to condone, but you condemn him too casually. Take it from someone who knew him and who finds your facile assessment of him intellectually lazy and emotionally hurtful.

nonmember avatar AggieTown

Professor Aune was a great man. He was well respected throughout the community. He had been very depressed prior to the suicide. He leaves behind a wife and two autistic children. RIP Professor Aune.

Mary Ann Johnston

This man should be charged with everything that is allowed.  I just pray the girl is safe.

nonmember avatar Kathryn

Why are you unwilling to post my comments? Have you no sense of fairness?

nonmember avatar Theresa

Depression is not an excuse for attempting a sexual relationship with a little girl. It's funny how people condemn, but when the perp is someone they know, we must all find sympathy in our hearts for him. I'm glad that pervert did society a favor by taking his own life. I'm sick and tired of people like Aune. He knew what he was doing. He would have gone further if he could have. To all of you claiming to have "known" this pervert, can you vouch for him and say he hasn't been doing this for years? Do you have access to his computer and cell phone? If you didn't even know about this case before it went public, save it. No one cares about your opinions. I hope your children get taken away. Your dismissal of Aune's deviancy is a slap in the face to every exploited child on earth. You aren't worthy of parenthood.

nonmember avatar Amy Medel

I don't feel at all sorry for the dead professor. He went looking for an underage girl, he knew what he was doing. I hpe he rots in hell, & I hope his blackmailer becomes the cell block bitch. They are/were BOTH disgusting pedophiles!!!!

DavidandCasey Blalack

I have suffered extreme depression in the past and at no time ever did it cross my mind that hooking up with a child would make me feel better,for crying out loud..He was a depressed, self-hating,dirty old man..plain and simple..what is it... 2-3 out 5 girls that suffer some type of sexual abuse before they are 18?? SOMEBODY'S doing it and that, my friend, adds up to a lot of creeps!!!! Pedophiles HIDE the things they do! Just because you knew him doesn't mean a thing..It just proved he hid it well..Pedophiles come from all walks of life..and for all you know the very reason he was depressed was because he knew what was in his dark heart..I guess that doesn't matter though..he was well respected right???

nonmember avatar Theresa

The so-called blackmailer didn't even use a minor for the naked pictures. Who knows how many other potential victims of Aune's could have been out there. This man did what the police fail to do every day. He permanently assisted in the destruction of a pervert. He is a hero, albeit a sleazy one, in my book.

nonmember avatar lisa

For all of you defending Aune: Did he confess to YOU that he wanted to molest little girls? No? Then your opinion means no more than anyone else's. Do you have proof that he has never done this before, and wouldn't again had he not been caught? No? Then how do you know anything about his true character? Were you privy to his personal communications via e-mail, chatroom, or text? No? Then what makes you an expert on his urges to dismiss his obvious pedophile characteristics? Do you have clinical proof that pedophilia is a temporary disorder brought on by depression? No? Then sit down. Thanks.

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