Kate Middleton Supports Prince William When He's Missing His Mom Diana

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kate middletonWhen the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a UK bereavement charity recently -- the purpose of which was to help parents and children come to terms with their losses -- Wills let his guard down and shared bits and pieces of how he feels about losing his mom, Princess Diana, to a car crash in 1997. During a speech, he stated: "You realize I've been in similar circumstances. I think you're very brave coming into a situation like this and talking about yourselves. I feel like I should give you all a hug."

The prince reportedly gave "a huge boost" to those grieving the loss of loved ones, and he was apparently so moved by the experience that he "showed many his compassion with a cuddle."

Wills of course was there as part of an official engagement and to help support others, but understandably, he, too, is still dealing with the death of his mother. And for that, he has Kate Middleton to lean on.

Throughout the event, Kate was by her husband's side for support, standing quietly next to him, as he listened to stories of bereavement and shared his own.

It can't be an easy thing for Kate -- supporting her husband who lost his mother. I mean, yes, it's easy to be there for him, but speaking as someone who's lost a parent themselves, no matter how close you are with a person, unless they've been through the same thing, there's really not much that can be said or done. It's a fine and tricky line.

Since they met, Kate has been compared to Diana -- and that has to be both awkward and difficult. Not only are Diana's big shoes to fill, Kate wants to treat the entire situation with respect, as it's her husband's late mother. And you know what? She seems to be doing a fine job. Kate Middleton isn't a "robot", people. She's just quiet, respectful, and supportive.

How do you think Kate Middleton is handling Princess Diana?


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nonmember avatar KA

She is doing a really good job. I think Diana was too young & didn't have a lot of life experience to handle the situation she was getting into. It also didn't help that her husband loved someone else. But I think since Kate has had a life of her own & she is older, she can nagivate the situation in a better fashion than Diana. It also helps that her husband probably supports her AND loves her.

nonmember avatar stella

In answer to your question: Perfectly.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I think Diana would be so proud of how her boys turned out. It's just sad that she won't be around to see her grandbaby.

Numom... Numom61507

I've lost my Mother and been through a ton of things my husband hasn't. It does get weird sometimes. 

I think Kate is doing a fine job. Diana would be proud.

Carla Johnson Parrott

I think Kate is doing a remarkable job at being a Duchess. She looks very sincere and is very genuine in everything she does and says. I think she is true gem just like the late Princess Diana was.

Cindy Raymond

She is doing great!! Princess Diana would be proud of her sons and Prince Williams choice of a wife. I have no respect for the Queen or Prince Charles, and Camelia, no word to express

Karen Wasylowski

She is a lovely woman, kind, and compassionate. She adores her husband and he adores her. In that, she is so much more fortunate than poor Diana. Diana was too young, and without a great deal of experience or the discipline of a university education. I think Wills is lucky to have her.

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