Man Charged With Groping Sleeping Woman on Flight Thought He Was Just Flirting

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gropeWell ladies, it's happened again. Another man has been caught molesting a woman on a flight. 50-year-old Brett Zorse is accused of groping a 32-year-old woman on a JetBlue flight from San Francisco to New York. She says he put his hand under her skirt and started massaging her thigh while she was asleep. Needless to say, this woke her up. Talk about a rude awakening.

Oh it gets worse, though. Guess who was sitting on the other side of pervy Dad? Zorse's 12-year-old son. The poor kid! I can't even imagine how embarrassing that must have been, not to mention the horrible example it sets for how to treat women. And I CANNOT believe what Zorse allegedly told the woman when she woke up to his groping.

She says when she demanded to know what the hell he was doing he said, "It’s not like I molested you. It’s not like I stuck my finger in your pussy or grabbed your tits." Zoiks! I guess that officially makes Zorse a NICE GUY™ or something. Then he supposedly said, "I wouldn't mind a massage right now." What a tool.

This guy was already a creepy menace even before he got all handsy, according to the victim. She says while he was chatting her up earlier he kept turning the conversation in a sexual direction and was all "touchy-feely." She offered to grab his bag from the overhead compartment so he wouldn't have to climb over her and he said, "I'd really like to climb all over you." EWWW! It's a wonder she could fall asleep next to the guy, but I guess she figured since his son was sitting right there next to him he wouldn't cross the line any further. She gave him too much credit.

Anyway, Zorse has been charged with simple assault and could spend up to six months in jail. Naturally he claims she was flirting with him, like that would ever happen in any universe that exists outside his tiny mind. Please, just tell me his son doesn't die of shame and lives to learn a lesson about not being gross to women. I just hope dear old Dad serves as a cautionary tale. 

Wow, I cannot wait for my cross-country flight next week. I'm gonna feel so relaxed! SIGH.

Has anyone said or done anything sleazy to you on a flight?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Remember this when you send your kids alone on the flight. You really think this can't happen, that the flight attendant won't take their eyes off your kid long enough?

afmom... afmomma92

That would scare the living crap out of me o.o

Sierr... SierraLynn

Id probably kick the old mans ass. That is disturbing.

tuffy... tuffymama

Gross. GROSS! Seriously. Now I'm glad for my social anxiety and insomnia that always kept me from falling asleep not just at night but in meetings, on planes, in cars, and in hotels. It is bad enough that I have had to sit crammed up next to strangers, but to be molested like that? Eew.

jalaz77 jalaz77

What a freak. He sounds like a tool!!

nonmember avatar Gina

iI'd be in jail for assault for whipping that guy's ass.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Just flirting? Let me show him what I've learned in my kickboxing classes. You can't trust people. This makes me want to buy the entire row to myself if I fly alone.

Ginger Sadler

Maybe its a good thing they are thinking of allowing knives back on planes this guy needs a good stabbing

nonmember avatar American Expat

Please! What this man did was despicable and criminal, he's lucky he didn't get punched, or stabbed even. But let us not make a mountain out of it. This incident was rare enough that it made news.

My parents would send me out flying alone on intercontinental flights starting when I was 12, several times a year. Not once, not one single time, did an incident remotely like this ever happened to me. Sheesh, I wasn't even lucky enough to be fondled by a woman, like that one 12 year old!

lalab... lalaboosh

American Expat, I highly doubt that twelve year old enjoyed being sexually assaulted. Get a clue.

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