Teens Arrested in Georgia Baby Killing (VIDEO)

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elkinsYesterday Sherry West, a Georgia mother, witnessed the shooting and killing of her baby. Last night, two teenagers were arrested in connection with that killing. Seventeen-year-old De'Marquis Elkins is charged with first-degree murder. He will be tried as an adult. An un-named fourteen-year-old boy will also be tried for first-degree murder.

Police searched school records and canvassed the neighborhood, following leads that finally brought them to these arrests. Sherry says she's relieved that the alleged perpetrators were found, but the arrests can't bring her peace. "I feel glad that justice will be served," she says. "It's not something I'm going to live with very well. I'm just glad they caught him."

This is the second child Sherry has lost. Her eighteen-year-old son was killed in a fight in 2008. I can't imagine the pain she must be feeling now. She will never know what her baby's first word would have been. Life has been incredibly cruel to her.

Meanwhile, there are the two boys who allegedly killed a baby in a stroller. Elkins' older sister, Sabrina, believes he is innocent. "He couldn't have done that to a little baby. My brother has a good heart." Sherry identified Elkins from a set of photographs police showed her. However, she says the other accomplice seemed younger than 14. She guessed his age as 10. We'll have to wait and see if the evidence supports the charges against the arrested teenagers.

Regardless, someone killed that baby. How much in a kid's life has to go wrong for him to end up doing that? And why do such troubled kids have access to a gun? The community must be doing some soul-searching now as they grapple with this tragedy.

What do you think would lead two teenagers to kill a baby?


Image via Glynn County Detention Center


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nonmember avatar Melissa

This is incredibly heartbreaking, I feel terrible for this mother. However, the first son died because he and some of his friends tried to jump someone. He had the knife taken away from him and was killed with it, hardly the story everyone is assuming happened. It doesn't seem odd to anyone that she was just grazed by one bullet and shot in the leg by another? While whomever shot her baby was able to aim effectively enough to shoot him in the head?

cmjaz cmjaz

that poor baby! I will reserve judgment against the teens until there are more facts and evidence

bills... billsfan1104

How did that background check work for you??

Katie Hesney Johnson

My heart just hurts for this poor baby. Melissa, forgive me, I didn't watch the link, how is it revealed that the other son died trying to jump someone?

Mommi... MommietoJB

I hope justice is served for that beautiful little boy. Isnt it possible that this mother is actually a victim and did not coordinate a plan to murder her innocent baby?I cant imagine the utter sadness and heartbreak she is enduring.

Frank Burns

"What do you think would lead two teenagers to kill a baby?"

I'm guessing that their being primitive sub-humans might have been a factor.

Tammy Parks

what is wrong with the world! What the hell a baby

nonmember avatar Bombeni

This is too much to endure. So many young people are cold blooded monsters these days. I don't even know what I feel this is so evil.

cherylam cherylam

I am so sorry for this mother... and the (alleged) murderers mother as well.  Because of his (alleged) actions, two and possibly three mothers have lost their children forever.

twili... twilightsbella

I hope they spend the rest of their lives in jail being beat up everyday by other inmates. And his sister thinks he didnt do it and has a good heart she is blinded cuz its her brother he has no soul or heart

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