6-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Kidnapped From Yard & Parents Need to Hear This (VIDEO)

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What what WHAT is going on with our kids these days??!! Is it me?? I know there have always been stories of children committing crimes, some of them heinous, but does it seem like it's more lately? Something in our food? Violent videogames? Or is it just that everything -- and I mean everything -- is reported now? Anyway, an 11-year-old has been charged with trying to kidnap a 6-year-old. Read that again. An 11-year-old ... kidnap!! ... 6-year-old. And it doesn't sound like he was abducting him for a game of tag.

The boy was reportedly playing in his front yard of his Grand Rapids, Michigan home when his stepmother noticed he was gone. She panicked and began searching up and down the street. About the same time, a bus driver noticed two children walking down the street -- and something about them seemed strange. The older boy had a tight hold on the younger boy's collar -- and the younger boy seemed frightened. The bus driver said she couldn't stop at the time, but she alerted other drivers.

One of those drivers saw the stepmom searching for her kid and drove her to the place where the boys were last seen. After finding her stepson, police say the older boy put up a struggle and didn't want to hand the younger boy over!

Apparently the older boy had "tricked" the younger one out of his front yard with an elaborate story. The sheriff said he didn't know what the kid planned to do with the younger boy, but said his "ruse" to get the young boy out of his yard was "rather intricate for an 11-year-old to come up with." Sounds classic sociopath if you ask me!

The 6-year-old was not injured but had torn clothing. The 11-year-old, who has apparently had "contact" with police in the past, is being held in juvenile detention and is charged with unlawful imprisonment and assault. Reportedly the two boys went to the same school but weren't friends.

And yet it's terrifying to think you have to worry about other children around your child. However, maybe if these types of kids are caught early enough, they can be rehabilitated?! One can hope anyway.

Do you ever worry about other kids who exhibit worrisome behaviors around your kid?


Image via Fox 17

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Carme... Carmen8706

I keep thinking this sounds like the Jamie Bulger case. I'm so glad the six year-old is safe. I don't know how I would feel to have the 11 year-old free.

spider3 spider3

Didn't Tend Bundey start killing that young too. Maybe if people would just accept that some people are just plain twisted and stop letting them out since we know they're psycho.

Evelyn D Hettle

For such a detailed plan; I can't help but wonder if there also an adult involved.

Debal... Debalexxa

crazy just crazy.....

Cathy Hays

makes you wonder if an adult was using the 11 yr old in case of this situation?

Pamela Broughton

and a heads up to the bus driver who noticed something wasn't right!!!

Mommi... MommietoJB

I hope this 11 yr old gets help and the police find out if this boy was being abused, maybe an adult groomed him to do that.

nonmember avatar Stephen Hill

Two ten year olds abducted and killed a two year old in 1993 in the UK. The two year old was James Bulger and the abductors were Robert Thompson and Terry Venables. The were caught on camera in a shopping Mall walking the youngster away. An image that lives in the minds of many people in the UK

engli... englishbfast

I was at our local playground (very quite small town) & and older girl, maybe 10 or so, tried to get my 4yr old daughter to walk off with her from the playground up towards the busy road. When I stopped my daughter the young girl put up an attitude & continued to try and coax my daughter...with me standing right there! Needless to say I had no issues parenting that child in a loud voice, hoping whom ever brought her there heard & maybe paid attention. So sad these days, you have to look out for almost everything

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