Steubenville Rapist Is Appealing & He Could Get Off!

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arrestedThe ink is still drying on the sentence for the Steubenville rapists, and already one of them is appealing. Ma'lik Richmond, the younger of the two football players convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl, has mounted an appeal of the guilty verdict on a claim that his "brain isn't fully developed." Somehow we're supposed to believe that a 16-year-old boy's brain couldn't handle the fact that rape is wrong.

And now for the scary part: as backward and ridiculous as the claim sounds, what's more ridiculous is that people might believe it. The appeal could work.

How do I know? The same way that Richmond's lawyers do. I took a test reading of the temperature in America right now, and it left me cold.

This week we have had reporters and hosts on major American television networks sympathetically discussing the fates of Richmond and his fellow rapist, Trent Mays, 17. This week we have had the name of a child rape victim reported by careless journalists.

This week average Americans have said the following about a child who was raped:

It wasnt a brutal rape and although these young men took advantage of her and fingered her she put herself in that position especially drinking to the point of no memory. When it comes down to it, it's on you.

Brutally raped? Hardly. She was finger banged.

seriously the girl shoulnt be out drinking at 15-16 and she should know.if shes drinking to stay with friends i feel bad for her but in a way i dont... Whoooo reallly knows thats she was raped girls consent to sexxx everyyyydayyyyyy and thennn alll of a sudden there raped when daddy or mommy finds out and who knows ive heard of parenta paying there kids bribeing there kids to claimmmm rape

Those were all comments posted yesterday, right here on The Stir. They all blame a young victim of sexual assault for the atrocities that happened to her.

They all make excuses for the boys who raped her.

So what's another excuse?

According to Richmond's attorney, Walter Madison, he's mounting an appeal for his client because:

I don't believe that a person at 75 years old should have to explain for something they did at 16 when scientific evidence would support your brain isn't fully developed ... when evidence in the case would suggest that you were under the influence.


Of course. If a 16-year-old's brain isn't yet developed enough to know that rape is wrong, why do we allow 16-year-olds to drive cars, get jobs ... 

But when the whole world is telling this kid he deserves sympathy, it's no wonder he believes it.

Do you think this appeal could be successful? What do you think of his reasons?


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peanu... peanutsmommy1

It could actally be a winning appeal. His lawyer has the science to back up the arguement. It is the same argument that people are no allowing juveline murderers to face mandatory life sentences

insei... inseineangel

And if they don't classify it as "rape"? It's still sexual assault. There is no excuse. 

I hope all the people who are unsympathetic get smacked around by karma. Yes, Karma recognizes thoughts, intentions, as well as actions.

I hope you find yourself in a situation where you're a victim and everyone lays the blame on you, and sympathizes with the person/people who victimize you.

CPN322 CPN322

If they win, something is going to happen to that boy. I'm not violent and don't know the victim yet I am FURIOUS so I can only imagine what violent individuals who find this awful and those close to her might be capable of if he gets away with this. What a bs argument. So basically he's stating that he has the mental capacity of a 3 year old(not sure but I think at 4 or 5 kids start to know right from wrong). Wow. No, his brain is not fully developed but I believe that science can also prove that the part of his brain that recognizes right from wrong is developed enough. 

LostS... LostSoul88

I think the lawyers are just as bad as the rapist. 

Sara Cunningham

Thank you for calling these commenters out. The viewpoint that it was the survivor's fault is just disgusting.

nonmember avatar KayMom

Reading those comments from people about how it's the girl's fault for putting herself in that situation really irritate me. Okay, so she should've been more responsible. But her lack of self control warrants others to use her body?? You mean to tell me that the defense can say a 16 year old boy isn't "mature" enough to control himself but a 16 year old girl is?? Talk about double standard!

Plus, the question isn't whether or not she should've been drinking. Or whether or not she should've gotten SO drunk, or been with boys, or stayed with friends, or where her parents were, etc... The real question is, did those young men commit a crime? Yes. They did.

It doesn't matter how they penetrated her or how old they are, it was an assault. They should be held accountable. And it's not like their ages haven't been taken into consideration- they're going to a JUVENILE facility ONLY UNTIL they're 21. If they were adult men they'd be facing 20 years.

This young girl has to accept the fact that she was raped. She has to live knowing that this happened to her, that her poor decisions put her at risk. That people know who she is (media leaked her name). She has to live with the consequences of that night. So should those boys. They should accept the results of their choices.

Happy... Happydad73

At 16 you may not have all of your decision making skills fully developed, but you know rape is wrong. Case closed. Having sex with someone who cannot consent (ie passed out) is rape. What next, a kid is too young to be found guilty of assault, burglary, or murder because their decision making skills are still forming?

Vegeta Vegeta

I agree with the above comments. However I think they shouldn't be called rapists. Technically, giving someone a wet Willy is rape and I think that cheapens the word. What they did was sick and wrong, but I think rapist should be reserved for uncontested intercourse. What they did should be called like first degree sexual assault or something.

Vegeta Vegeta

Un consented* not contested sorry, autocorrect.

nonmember avatar kayla

please. as a former 16 year old, who works with teenagers, this argument completely insults 16 year olds everywhere, as if the fact their frontal lobes aren't quite fully developed means they know nothing.

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