Jesus Appears on Drop Cloth -- You Have to See It to Believe It! (PHOTO)


Jesus statueHere's some stuff we know about The Lord: He's omnipresent. He works in mysterious ways. He loves himself some tacos. And he clearly loves a good prank, too, because that dude is always showing up in the unlikeliest of places! High-five, God, for keepin' us on our toes! I mean, it would be sort of predictable if someone opened up their bible and -- hey, what's that funny mark on the first page of Genesis? Hallelujah, it's Ink Blot Jesus!

But that almost never happens. Jesus is always making random appearances in somebody's tuna melt or as a mole on some guy's back. Or on the drop cloth Brian Krantz of Massachusetts used when he spray-painted the shutters on his windows ... four years ago. The weirdest part? Krantz didn't notice his personal savior staring up at him from that drop cloth until recently -- or, as he puts it, he's been living in the same house as Jesus Christ for four years, he just didn't know it. Ready for a religious experience?

jesus drop cloth

See, see?! Look, he's right there!! Jesus. On a drop cloth. (Wearing a top hat? And maybe a trench coat.) Anyway, details are unimportant. All that matters is how Brian Krantz felt when he saw the image:

"My heart went a million miles an hour," he said. "I couldn't breathe, I felt like I was hyperventilating." Whoa.

I don't blame Krantz for feeling that way -- not everybody gets to see Jesus show up on their drop cloth. Lucky for Krantz, he can actually frame that thing ... sadly, the same can't be said for the people who found Shower Mold Jesus.

Do you see Jesus in that drop cloth?


Images via midiman/Flickr & WHDH

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nonmember avatar Bradley


tuffy... tuffymama

Pretty much ^

DebaLa DebaLa

Good lord, how is it only catholics have special goggles to "see" jesus.

nonmember avatar Lexi

uhm.. I'm seeing drop cloth Cheech Marin. just sayin'

Stephie Lynne

i see a person, in a nice looking suite even but wouldnt call it jesus. not too mention its probably fave. 

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