Hidden Cameras Catch Autistic Man Being Tortured at Home by Caregivers (VIDEO)

autistic man abusedAs she and her husband got older, Kathy Coleman decided to put their son Cameron, a 31-year-old autistic man with the mental capability of a 3-year-old, in the hands of Jay Nolan Community Services. The company helped her find a permanent home for her son and provided 24-7 in-home care, but Coleman became concerned when bruises started showing up on her son's skin ... later exacerbated by the fact that he seemed to be frightened of his care-takers.

To get to the bottom of the situation, the Colemans decided to install hidden cameras in their son's home, and the results are even worse than you could imagine.

The type of abuse the son was exposed to is "tantamount to torture", says the Colemans' lawyer, and after reading the allegations, it's hard to disagree with that bold statement.

Cameras caught Cameron being kicked in the face while on the toilet, spat on, threatened with a pellet gun while naked, and menaced with a chain.

The Colemans took the tape to the organization's leaders, and soon after, managers were seen at Cameron's home trying to remove cameras and destroy evidence.

Thankfully, the Colemans went to the police and one of the caretakers has been arrested and an arrest is pending for the other employee allegedly responsible for the torture.

Here's the thing. At one point or another in most of our lives, we rely on others to help us care for our loved ones. Whether it's daycare, a nanny, an assisted-living home for our parents, or a facility for our family member with special needs, there comes a time when we put faith in strangers. And when something like this happens, it's hard for all of us not to relate to the grief and utter devastation this family must be going through. What if that had been our child, we ask.

Hopefully the Colemans get some restitution in court, and hopefully this so-called "care" organization is shut down, for good. Clearly, more than a handful of their staffers are totally corrupt -- who knows how many more are just as sadistic?

This horrifying story, though, does have a silver lining -- it serves as a great reminder to follow your gut. If something doesn't add up, if something doesn't feel right, let your instincts give you the courage to speak up. Kathy Coleman followed her mother's intuition and now Cameron is safe, back at home with her, after that terrifying ordeal.



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This just breaks my heart hear about abuse of humans and/or animals.  I am so glad "Mother's Instinct" kicked in.

nonmember avatar Lilac

Most care places are for profit, meaning they only hire the cheapest labor. Cheap workers does not equal good workers. Just out of school I worked in a home for mentally handicapped. I was the only American Born girl there and left shortly after being hired due to the low pay and poor treatment of the residents. Some of the workers really cared but most didn't. It was a paycheck to them and they often pushed duties on others.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

As a mother of two boys with autism, I always fear what life will be like for them when I get old or die. As a human, this video was disgusting, no matter if the man is disabled or not. When I worked for a doctors office in my late teens, "caregivers" would bring in a group of disabled adults. They ignored them, sometimes got in their car and came back hours later, leaving me to take of these sweethearts. I reported this and the next month they would be back with new "caregivers" who would treat them horribly right in front of all of us. It was sickening. My husbands cousin is a "caregiver" and all she does at work is talk on her cell, scream at her charges, and invite guys over for sex. This is not a small problem, it is rampant.

Melissa Beaty

this makes me furious!!! This is why parents with kids with special needs (as I am one of them, my son is 4), need to get together and secure our children's future! This is why I want to start my own organization and start a community just for kids and adults with autism. They need a SAFE place to live.. and for their parents to know that they are taken care of! I wish I could win the lottery... I would LOVE to use EVERY penny to start my community!

Wendy L Kratz

My Nephew has Autism, For anyone to do this is very sick in the head no one deserves to be treated this way at all, I hope they get punish for what they did ....Very heart Breaking

Mary Markle Morgan

I wonder what state this was in. different states have more checks and security. I worked for an assisted Living home in CA. We were spot checked constantly and nothing even close to this would be tolerated. I helped the resident cook, plan menus, keep their home clean and manage their budget. we would go to the beach. Museums and movies. It was a very low paying job, but very fulfilling.I am still friends with the people I helped and their families.

Katy Khan

I'll never forget when my grandpa had a whole bunch of strokes and was recovering in a home for a couple of months nad he's blind..and weak....and the staff of course knew he had to be fed because he was incapable of feeding himself...and he also couldn't not be left in a wheelchair unsupervised because he couldn't hold himself up...and each time I went to visit...which was everyday...that had in my opinion abused him. I walked in I dont know how many times to a tray of cold food sitting on the talbe next to his bed and he'd tell me they came and set it there and left it and never c ame back to feed him. I walked in to him laying on the floor because they had stuck him in a wheelchair and left and never came back. I nearly screamed at this staff daily, it drove me insane how people can be so evil. It was so heartbreaking. I'm so happy he's out of there.

Nancy Mallett

This is assault. Why hasn't the article mentioned jail time for these individuals?? I see they mentioned court restitution, but that's not jail time. Have they been arrested?

Melissa Slanga

Nancy, the video stated arrests and warrants to come.  I don't understand why this place is still open or at least temporarily run by the state?  There is video showing management taking down the camera? This place should not even be open (or at least supervised by different staff if pending investigation).  Who is to say the owner wasn't behind it as well.  If this were my establishment, their would be NO question.  EVERY single staff member would have been fired and I'd have filed charges my self.  They all should have been fired including the woman just standing there, unless she immediately reported what was going on. I doubt that though by the stupid smirk on her face. Unbelievable!!  There would have been justice. I'd prolly sat in jail for assulting my staff!! Distgusting!!

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