Mom Busted for Faking Abduction With Her 4-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)


rachel koechnerRachel Koechner, 28, and her 4-year-old daughter, Zoee Sandner, were reported missing last Thursday after Koechner's boyfriend received a text from her that read: "Help me". Police, Koechner's boyfriend, and Koechner's mother believed that Rachel and Zoee were with Devon Sandner, Rachel's ex-husband/Zoee's father, and in harm's way. Koechner reportedly called her boyfriend from a Kansas City-area motel and "sounded like she was reading from a script". County Sheriff Chris Hughes called the motel a short time later. "She said she couldn't talk now," Hughes said. "I asked if she was OK, and she said, 'No.'"

Strange thing is: Koechner has now been taken into custody and she's the one facing charges. She's currently being accused of fabricating her and her daughter's abduction.

Hughes stated that "through investigation police learned she fabricated the (abduction) story." He also said that Sandner was not charged in the incident but was taken into custody on an outstanding forgery warrant.

Details about how police have come to suspect the abduction story was really a hoax by Koechner remain scant -- and charges are currently pending. But still. If police suspicions do prove to be true, and Koecnher did fake her and her daughter's abduction, the woman obviously needs help. A lot of it. This story shows a woman who took things way too far -- a "help me" text message; the whole "reading from a script" thing. It's pretty bad. And when a 4-year-old child is involved, it's even worse.

Hopefully, Koechner will get the mental help she needs if she's found guilty -- but more importantly, hopefully, her toddler daughter winds up in a good home with stable people.

What do you think of this?



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Cathy Perry Mayfield

Well there's not enough info here to say whether she was trying to fake an abduction attempt or not!!! People have called me many times and I asked was I ok and I told them no... just bc I could have been having a really bad day!!! It doesn't mean I was abducted... duh!!! I think they are adding a lot of stuff to this to make it more than it is!!!!!

Sweet... SweetiePeasMama

This is in my area, according to local news her and her ex were in hotel room smoking synthetic pot for the last week, with the girl in the room with them, so yeah, I'd say there needs to be some charges filed.

This is my own speculation, but I bet she didn't want to admit to her BF that she was holed up in a hotel with her exhusband so she fabricated a story. Classy.

Erin Bennett

There isn't enough info to make an opinion there is probably more to the story that we don't know so based on that there is no way to think negative to this story...

lovem... lovemyson1224

I agree with most of the other comments. I need more info. Maybe she was having a nervous breakdown or something and that is why she texted help me. That would also explain why she said "no" when they asked if she was okay. Time will tell.

Fawn L Bartzen

I think I just do not understand, I get I am older baby boomer my kids are now 28 & 21 but I would have NEVER even considered trying something like this mush less USED my kids to do it. MOST of us mothers have our children and learn what TRUE unconditional love it. We know the moment that we set eyes on them that this is one person we would litterly kill for. How any woman could use their child with out second thought is to hard to try to understand. I think she needs help and should have her daughter taken from her in addition be forced to get fixed so that she may NEVER have the oppertunity again. 

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