Steubenville Rape Victim's Name Reported & Now She's Being Bullied (VIDEO)

Fox News Steubenville victimIt should be a time for the victim in the highly publicized Steubenville rape case to breathe a sigh of relief. Her rapists, Trent Mays, 17, and Ma'lik Richmond, 16, were found guilty. Justice is hers. But America, we have failed this young girl. This child. This rape victim.

This week, a 16-year-old girl who was brutally raped had her name reported over the airwaves to the masses by several major networks. This week, two teenage girls were arrested and charged with menacing for allegedly threatening the teenage rape victim on Twitter and Facebook.

America, we allowed this to happen. We built this culture where two teenage boys garner sympathy over their "ruined futures" when they're sentenced for raping an innocent girl.

We built a culture where the folks at CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, trained journalists all, would be so careless that a rape victim's name would be "accidentally" aired as a clip of one of her attackers apologizing to her is played. Was it an accident? Perhaps. But redacting a rape victim's name is journalism 101. It should have been the highest priority for the people working on the story. That it wasn't says more about society than it does how this one story has been reported.

We built a culture where the victim has gotten lost.

We built a culture where a teenage girl would bully her cousin's rape victim for making him "cry." She made HIM cry? We can only imagine what he did to her.

We should be raising our kids with more respect for victims than that shown by her alleged bullies. We should be thinking about this young girl, about what her life is like now and will be like from now on.

We should be working to change the world for this girl and the more than 200,000 Americans sexually assaulted every year. 

They deserve better than what they are getting. They deserve our sympathy and our outrage. They deserve our shoulders to cry on and our hands to pull them up. They deserve justice. 

But as long as we allow victims to be victimized again and again and again, justice is hollow.

What do you think of the way this rape victim has been treated? Is there any way to make it better?

Listen to Fox News talk about the victim (with the name of the girl since redacted):


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Baron... BaronSamedi

  There is a lot about this story that does not add up.  I suspect that it will be years before the whole story comes out. 

nonmember avatar kabcab

Honestly were are the parents now days......but seriously the girl shoulnt be out drinking at 15-16 and she should know.if shes drinking to stay with friends i feel bad for her but in a way i dont... Whoooo reallly knows thats she was raped girls consent to sexxx everyyyydayyyyyy and thennn alll of a sudden there raped when daddy or mommy finds out and who knows ive heard of parenta paying there kids bribeing there kids to claimmmm rape sad but true and im 100% against bullying but girls need to be educated no matter what agee andd groww upppp!

nonmember avatar laura

I would think people who have been in the business long enough would understand, possibly having talked to a survivor, that it isn't her fault they raped her. They should understand that they "threw their life away/ promising football career/ good grades/ good future as a leader", when they chose to harm her. She was beyond consent. Whether or not she was so drunk or was drugged isn't even the topic. She was assaulted because they could, she was available, and unable to fight back.

I am as appalled about all of the people who saw or heard about her being assaulted. They had to have noticed she was in no state to agree to ANYTHING! She probably looked asleep in almost all of the pics or video. They allowed it to happen because no one said stop loud enough or to anyone who cared enough to do anything.

I am just heart broken for this girl. She didn't do anything that made her deserve this. She has openly said she remembers nothing. She had to find out what happened to her after the fact. She is also now being bullied. That is CRAP! She is not the perpetrator and is being categorized as such because the boys "lost so much of their future". What about hers? She lost so much too. She will have to deal with this the rest of her life and they should to. Punishment should fit the crime and the fallout of said crime.

Mudbrat Mudbrat

Sorry, but if I was this girl, I would sue each media & they would deserve it.  In my opinon the media is only after a story & don't care who get's hurt, by them putting the victims name out there, they have raped the poor girl again.  We as a society now raise our kids not to fear anything.  when we were kids our parents had no problem spanking our butts if we did something wrong and we all turned out ok.  all teenagers should not be allowed to have cell-phone until they go out & get a job to pay for it.  as for the internet, well parents should monitor this more often.  But then again, kids learn by watching what the parents do.  I do hope this girl can find some peace after all this.

muchl... muchlovedby4

I have 2 things to say about this.....

1) To those of you saying it's partially the victims fault.... WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! Since when did something as disgusting as rape become the victims fault?! We, as a culture, have spent so much time teaching our children that rape is wrong and NOT the victims fault and some of you still spout such unbelieveable garbage!! Your attitude belongs in the 50s, when victim blaming was still acceptable! They make me ashamed to share the title of mother with you. How would you feel if it was your daughter?! Would you blame her!? And don't make the mistake of saying it wouldn't be! Do you know the stats?!

2) To the victim- i am sorry this happened to you. No matter what typical teenage choices you might have made that brought you to that place, the rape itself was wrong. You did not deserve it, nor the treatment you have recieved since. I am glad your attackers have been punished. I hope you are strong enough to move past this, heal, and become the woman you were meant to be.

TheWe... TheWeirdoMom

I dont see why its so surprising,people are bullied into litteral suicide over much less than this. We have trivialized everything down so much that seeing people acting this way is not shocking. We have taught our children to have no honor,to think of only themselves,that bullying is "just kids being kids",if someones "precious little angel" is acting badly then all the exscuses in the world are made up for them,and promptly swollowed down as facts. Im not surpirsed but I am angry,I am sad,and I wish there was real justice in this system. I wish I could read about how another young girl stood up for this one,because it was right,because she knew that acting that way was wrong,but I wont because we are running out of those kinds of people.

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