College Student's Dorm Room Suicide Reveals His Allegedly Much More Sinister Plan

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student plotted mass murderIn terrifying news out of UCF (the University of Central Florida), a 30-year-old student named James Oliver Seevakumaran who pulled a dorm fire alarm in the middle of the night and was later found with a presumably self-inflicted gun shot wound had something much more twisted in mind.

Campus police who investigated the pulled alarm said Seevakumaran was armed with homemade explosives, a handgun, an assault rifle, and a 28-round magazine in his room and that writings indicated his plan. They also think first responders came so quickly to the fire alarm that he was scared off his plan.

Thank goodness. And yet, how terrifying.

In the weeks after last December's horrific massacre of first graders in Newtown, Connecticut, it seems all we could talk about were guns and mental illness. It seemed we would never move past it. And yet, here we are, just a scant three months later and it seems all those potential lessons may be lost.

Just because this man wasn't successful doesn't mean someone else won't be. These shootings are only getting worse and worse. If Newtown upped the ante, it's hard to even imagine what might come next.

It isn't clear yet whether Seevakumaran's alleged plot was to have been carried out with guns that were legally obtained. And even though I support gun control, I am not convinced that gun laws alone can stop these massacres. There is something in our culture that makes these kids and young adults think shooting sounds fun or like decent revenge.

Of course, this doesn't ONLY happen in the US, but the reality is the US leads the world in these kinds of mass shootings and we don't know why. We have so much more to figure out and it seems like we say this every time there is a shooting and then we forget.

The lessons of Newtown can't be forgotten. We must address these problems and try to understand what makes people plot things like this. There have to be places those who are mentally ill can get help and laws that keep them away from weapons.

The next time we won't be so lucky.

What do you think is the cause of all of our shootings?


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nonmember avatar Debbie

There a several reasons for the rise in gun-related massacres. First and foremost, it is TOO EASY for anyone to get hold of these weapons. Nobody needs assault rifles unless they are in the military. They are only designed to kill people. Killers don't really use hunting rifles and handguns when they want to hurt many people. Secondly, the stigma against mental illness has to stop. People need to know there is no shame in needing the help of mental health professional. Families and friends need to put the interests of mentally ill loved ones first and urge them to get help. Finally, the media loves nothing better than a massacre and they must share in the blame.

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

^^ even if they weren't able to obtain "assault rifles" what makes you think they won't do the same things with hand guns and hunting rifles? Because it does happen. If someone wants to kill they dont need a certain type of weapon to do it

Laura Desaulniers Lewis

They were kindergarteners not fisrt graders. Not to nit pick but it's just so sad.

nonmember avatar Virginia

I live in NC. Here you basically have to kill it try to kill someone in order to be placed somewhere, away from people. I am dealing with an issue. And I can't get help for more then 7 days. So please tell me where I can get help. A place where they won't believe every word a 13 year old says when she says that she's better!!!!

early... earlybird11

Well its not the popular vote but what if he didn't have a gun to kill himself this time ??? He may have then used the explosives putting more people in danger. Every coin has two sides

nonmember avatar Meghan

Debbie- you do realize that the difference between an "assault" rifle and a nice hunting rifle is mainly cosmetic, right? And no, most killers do not use "assault" rifles. Most killers use a weapon that is easier to conceal, like a small handgun. The fact is that most guns are stolen or purchased on the black market, so all the gun laws in the world aren't going to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain weapons. Security has been tighten across the board, whether at schools, the airport, or the mall. Why then, has there been such an increase of violent massacres? Perhaps it is our cultures complete lack of respect for humanity and life?

nonmember avatar Debbie

Meghan, can you say "expiration of assault weapons ban in 2004?" No coincidence that Virgian Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook, etc.... have happened in the years since then. Sickening that I even had to write etc.... You and your ilk continue to exacerbate the problem. When we continue to think that it's okay to have these weapons, we continue the problem. ASSAULT WEAPONS ARE NOT OKAY!

Durinda Lee Goodwin

Magazine size and assault weapons(whatever that means)are not the problem and neither are law abiding citizens that have guns. The problem is the lack of mental health facilities and the lack of commiting mentally ill and dangerous (to self and others) to a locked facility. Since the liberal goody-goodies said our mental institutions were to mean and released dangerously ill people out on to the street we have seen a marked increase in senseless crime. I also believe that the lack of parenting in our society contributes greatly to a breakdown of moral and mental stablity in our young people.

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