Murdered Mother Sarai Sierra's Killer Reportedly Confesses & Details Are Horrifying

Sarai Sierra

Reports are circulating that the man who was arrested in the murder of Staten mother of two Sarai Sierra has confessed to the crime. According to the leaked confession, the man, who is only known by the name Ziya T., says that he first caught sight of Sarai as she was wandering by some ancient walls in Turkey, where she'd gone to take photographs. Reportedly, the man had been drinking all day. When he saw Sarai, he tried to kiss her. She fought back.

Reportedly the man, who is homeless, struggled with her for half an hour before he bludgeoned her to death with a rock. He then fled. The next day, he reportedly returned to the site and covered Sarai's body with twp blankets. Then he took her iPad and cell phone, which he later threw into the sea. What a horrible way to die, and all on the very day before she was supposed to leave!

Beginning to hear reports of the missing tourist, man escaped to relatives' homes in Istanbul. Then he fled to Syria, where he apparently engaged in battle there with rebel forces. After being shot in the leg and treated at the hospital for ten days, he returned to Turkey and turned himself in. That must have seemed preferable to the war in Syria.

There has been so much misinformation about this case printed in the press that I won't necessarily believe this story until I see it printed in a reputable paper, with all of the facts. Outlets in Turkey had already reported all kinds of stuff about Sarai -- that she went to Turkey to hook up with a man she met online and was having an affair; that she may have been a drug runner; that she was hanging out with "criminal elements." If this latest report is correct, then all of the outlets -- including those in the states that repeated this bile as if it were the gospel truth -- should be truly ashamed.

It's bad enough that people were judging Sarai for leaving her two children for a couple of weeks for a vacation. As if motherhood means the end to your own life. Unfortunately, Sarai's vacation did end her life, but plenty of people are murdered in their own homes too.

Hopefully the police have the person responsible for this heinous crime. And hopefully the media will think a bit more about what they print.

Have you followed the Sarai Sierra murder case?

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jaznrich jaznrich

The amount of grammatical mistakes in this article is ridiculous!

nonmember avatar Sassy Gal

Does it not seem fishy to anyone else that just yesterday this guy claimed he couldn't remember the murder because he was so high on paint thinner when it happened? And now today he remembers everything down to the last detail? It seems like someone high-up in Turkey is trying to appease the Americans/keep their economy alive by showing how safe Turkey is and what a nice job they do of finding and prosecuting murderers!

nonmember avatar dawntreader

I hope they catch the right person and not some convenient homeless fall guy to show the world how efficient their police are. cadaver dogs should have led police to the crime scene earlier; correct me if i am wrong....something just does not fit and i hope Sarai's family find some closure eventually

nonmember avatar Sassy Gal

I completely agree. If her body was there all along, why wouldn't they have found it early in the search? And the details of "the rebuffed kiss" and the rest of the story are all too perfect. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the majority of the news articles about this arrest are not accepting comments. I posted this same comment on a New York Times website and they never approved it. I think there's something much bigger going on here.

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