Jodi Arias' Bizarre Headstand During Interrogation Doesn't Prove She's a Killer (VIDEO)

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The Jodi Arias trial is finally coming to a close. Is it me or is this the longest trial in history? Just seems that way, I guess. But now the media has dug up "proof" that Jodi is nutty as a fruitcake and has been since before her trial. Video has been released of Jodi's interrogation. She's been grilled by detectives for hours when they leave the room. The cameras capture Jodi as she indulges in some wackadoodle behavior.

Left alone, Jodi begins giggling. Then she says to herself, "You should have at least done your makeup, Jodi, gosh!" Then she rummages through the trash.

She also sings to herself, a Dido song with the lyrics, "It might change my memory," -- appropriate since during the trial Jodi claims she can't remember anything about Travis's death. Then, most bizarro of all, she does a headstand up against the wall.

The behavior filmed had echos of the reported behavior of Amanda Knox as cops in Italy grilled her about her roommate Meredith Kercher's death. Remember how Amanda laughed and supposedly did a cartwheel in the station house?

The truth is, unless you've been arrested and charged with murder, you have zero idea how you are going to react. I think a lot of people, after being interrogated for several hours, and sitting for that long, are probably suffering aches and cramps and want to stretch and calm down -- hence doing yoga moves or headstands or carthweels. The makeup comment sounds more like she's being "ironic" than serious.

As for the laughing -- no proof whatsoever that someone isn't taking things seriously. During one of the darkest periods of my life, when I was absolutely emotional crushed, I began laughing uncontrollably. It's a common reaction when under stress. I have no idea why the media is treating this like it's proof positive that she's a lunatic -- I guess it gets more viewers that way.

So ... I don't think Jodi is doing anything that proves she's crazy or a cold-blooded killer in this video. The trial? That's another story. Anyway, if you're ever arrested and charged with murder, make sure you just sit there and don't move, because everything is being recorded!

What do you think of Jodi's behavior? Check it out here.

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Keran... Kerannmer

Of course the video doesn't "prove" she's a killer, but it doesn't have to: she's admitted it. She's about as cray as Cheetos are healthy, though; she's simply a cold-blooded sociopathic pathological lying murderess.

nonmember avatar Pat

What Kerannmer said. The video doesn't prove or disprove ANY thing about whether Arias is a killer or not. She IS an admitted killer and we know that already.

As for the video above, I don't think it proves anything at all. If I were in there for hours and might be standing on my head and stretching too. Out of total boredom, yeah, I might check out the trash can since there is nothing to read. People do react differently to different situations so who am I to judge. My sister was judged harshly for not sobbing at the funeral of her baby. People can be so judgmental.

nonmember avatar RockoT

I've never understood why we say murderers are 'sane'. What's proof that her thinking is a little off - is she killed a person.
That's not a normal everyday thing to do. Who cares about cartwheels. Well let me take this from a different angle - there are women in the forums, every day, advocating for the harshest possible sentence for men - and the lightest one for women - and there is no consistency in their sentencing strategy or their stance on crime - until you realize its gender bigotry at work.

We are supposed to have some ah - ha moment where we give Jodi a free pass for - after all - only murdering a man. But look, I'm glad to see most people aren't buying it. We can't really be in favor of murder as a society - headstand or not.

DebaLa DebaLa

She said she wanted to put on her makeup before her booking photo was taken. So maybe the headstand is as simple as a move to bring a flush to her cheeks. As she said... she's that vain and shallow. That or a vain attempt to rush circulation to her brain "Think, Jodi, think!" Haha. Wack job.

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