Hero Marine Veteran Draws Gun & Calmly Saves Woman From Her Attacker (VIDEO)

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charlie blackmoreThank god for Marine Corps veteran, Charlie Blackmore. Early last Tuesday morning, when he was on his way to work, he happened to catch a woman being beaten by a man on the side of the road. The woman was allegedly being kicked in both the head and stomach by her ex-boyfriend, 43-year-old Kenneth Harris; and when Blackmore saw what was happening, he immediately pulled his car over and put a stop to it.

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After getting out of his car, the vet, who served in the Marines from 2005 to 2007, demanded that the suspect get away from the woman. Harris, who stands over 6-feet and is about 220 pounds, then allegedly started toward Blackmore, and that's when Blackmore drew his gun. The suspect began taunting him, reportedly saying: "Shoot me, then", and that's when Blackmore called 911. In the tape, he's heard saying: "There’s a black male that just beat up a female in the street. He’s walking away from me. I told him to stop. If you come at me, I will shoot you." Police showed up, forced the suspect to the ground, and asked for Blackmore's concealed carry permit, which he showed them. Harris has been charged with substantial battery and could face up to three and a half years in prison if convicted. According to Blackmore, the victim's eye had swollen shut from the beating, and her nose looked broken.

So yeah, thank god for Charlie Blackmore. Who knows what would have happened to this poor woman had he not driven by at that very moment? If she had a swollen eye and broken nose, clearly nothing good. Blackmore should be considered a hero -- not just for serving our country, but for potentially saving a woman's life.

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Liz Lawson


LostS... LostSoul88

If I was him I would have just shot him and clai self defense. We MAY get no more then 3 years for beating a woman so severe her eyes were swollen shut? That is not far.

Laurie Stensland

Great Job Semper Fi, I would of stopped and done the same thing! There is too many mean SOB that need to get their butts beat just one time!

Brandi Sawyer

Awesome!  And another reason that concealed carry is not only a good idea, but a necessity, IMHO.  I am a 5'2" 140 lb woman, and I more than likely could have stopped this guy as well, because of my gun.  Someone SAVED by a gun... yay!!

LilyCT LilyCT

Nicole Fabian-Weber If you must keep thanking God in your article, please remember to capitalize His name? It's proper to use a capital letter as the first letter in anyone's name, but when referring to God, it's somehow more important.

As for the Marine, I'm grateful for him, and very happy to hear he has a concealed carry permit. I wish more people were like him. Not everyone would have even bothered to stop.

Jennifer Tomlinson

How come I read about all these HEROES who carry and save lives? Just the scum who kill.

Jennifer Tomlinson

UGH!! That *should* read, "How come I NEVER read much about all these HEROES who carry and save lives?"

nonmember avatar Joyce

Not only do we love him for serving our country, we love him for not turning a blind-eye to someone in need. Thank you, Mr. Blackmore ... for your Service, your courage, and your human kindness.

Geawe9 Geawe9

You my good Sir are awesome!! Good to know there are Still people willing to step up and help someone when needed!!!!

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