Obama's Fake Mustache Fantasy Brought to Life (PHOTOS)

obama mustachePresident Obama just revealed his secret fantasy, and it's kind of disturbing. While in Israel Obama said he'd like a fake mustache! "Sometimes I have this fantasy, that I can put on a disguise, wear a fake mustache and I could wander through Tel Aviv and go to a bar and have a conversation, or go down to a university and meet with some students in a setting where it wasn't as formal." Sure, a fake mustache so Obama can go about incognito. Or is it that he's jealous of Michelle's trendy bangs and wants to look a little more hip himself?

Well, either way we're dying to see what that looks like. So we managed to get Obama to model a few 'staches for us. Well, with a little digital magic. Which one do you think suits him best?

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Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

ha! like the biker best.

nonmember avatar chelsea

I spit out my soda when I got the Salvador Dali one! BAHAHAHAHA!

nonmember avatar Debbie

I like clean-shaven men, but if he has to grow one, definitely the biker look. Very funny pics!

Karen Boldger Arredondo

How about one more like HITLER!!!!  Because to me that's who he most represents!!!

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

You must be such a joy to be around Karen.

nonmember avatar Debbie

Lets give Karen a moustache like Grouch Marx, as she is obviously a hilarious comedienne.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Yea...he's JUST like Hitler...visiting Israel and stuff.

I don't care if you don't like the guy, I'm not his biggest fan. But I'm not in an American version of Auschwitz yet, so don't compare him to Hitler. Uneducated twat.

sue9686 sue9686

FellyScarlett, That's rather harsh isn't it, calling someone an Uneducated twat.  You have no idea what her education level is, you're rude.



sue9686 sue9686

FellyScarlett, FYI he doesn't support Israel at all, big deal he visited Israel.

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