Photo of Man Watching Adult Movies at Work Goes Viral: Do You Know This Guy? (PHOTO)

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computerThere are some things you should never, ever do at the office: Clip your toenails, yell at your coworkers, and watch pornography. But maybe one day you have a toenail emergency and you're super discreet about it. Or maybe you just have a terrible, no good day and lose it (hopefully you apologize afterwards!). I guess those are forgivable. But viewing adult movies on the job? Oh no. Nonononono.

Let's use this unfortunate man as an example. There he was, minding his own business, viewing Internet porn in his own lonely little cubicle. Little did he know a whole office of people were watching him from the window of another building. One of those people took a snapshot of the porn watcher. And he tweeted it. And now it's All. Over. The Internet.

Viral semi-NSFW photo is below, in case you want to avoid it (or see it). It's kind of too blurry to really see anything in detail, FYI.

Doh! I wonder if Mr. Porn is now out of a job? I mean, it's probably not that hard to recognize the building if you work in the same one. And if you work on the same floor you might even recognize the furniture. The guy has his back to us, but you know how you can just tell who someone is by the back of their head, sometimes? And maybe he even has co-workers who have always suspected there was something kind of skeevy about him.

But speaking of co-workers, where are his? Maybe he watches porn all day because no one is there to stop him! Ew. Anyway, eventually the porn watcher realized he was being watched (which gets kind of meta, if you think about it), and he closed the blinds. But I bet he didn't budge from that browser!

I think we all learned something here. It's always a bad idea to watch porn at the office. You just never know who's watching you. And anyway, I think most companies have some sort of monitoring software that lets them know when you're watching a salamifest. or whatever. Your work deserves your full attention. If you're caught, you could get fired for sexual harassment (creating a hostile work environment). And most of all, it's just gross! If you found out someone at your office was always watching porn in his cubicle, you'd be creeped out by him, wouldn't you?

We all accidentally click on things every once in a while that we really, really wish we had not clicked on. But for the love of God, Do Not. Leave the naughty movies at home.

guy watching porn at the office

Have you ever caught a co-worker watching porn at the office?

Images via maizers/Flickr, PenguinShepherd/Twitter

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LeeshaE LeeshaE

Haha had to look n make sure it wasn't my dad, he actually got fired for this about 15 years ago. LOL

Taisie Taisie

I think it's kinda creepy those people were all looking in his windows and stuff, enough to know what he was looking at on his computer, and then, took a picture. And then, posted it on the internet.  I would think there would be laws against that kinda stuff. Yeps, I think that was creepier than what the guy was doing, in the supposed privacy of his own office, which I do believe was creepy. Yeps, as I said,  creepiness all around. 

tuffy... tuffymama

Gross. No porn for me. And I totally would have tweeted that shizz. Nasty bastard. He needs to get to work!

da_mi... da_miranda

At my previous office,I had a co-worker who always went out the office to get to clients. His computer turn out to be the only one which get internet connection,therefor while he went out,all the boys (drivers,mechanics,co-workers) would rush to get his computer (he let them use it) to browse news,sending email etc.and this one particular guy were always putting his (virus loaded)USB and download only 2 kinds: Gospel songs & porns..!!it's creepy to see the downloads history. The computer owner? of course he was sighing, and grumbling, and moaning.. But he cant do anything coz his computer was the only access we had for internet,thanks to our stingy boss

Kari Farkas Travis

I once worked for a company whose boss' son worked there too (if you want to call it work) and he always used my computer after I left.  One day while I was searching for something on the internet a pop up came up and it was big male part!  I was so mad and horrified, I called my boss up to my computer to show her, and asked her what would have happened if a client had been standing to approve something!  Of course, nothing happened to him!  But I made sure he knew I knew what he was doing on my computer!

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