Couple Accused of Eating Razor Blade Donuts in Dumbest Money-Making Scam Ever

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Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman Michael CondorYou know there's no such thing as easy money, right? A couple in Utah thought they'd try anyway. Cops in Utah say Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman and Michael Condor stuck razor blades in donuts they'd purchased from Smith's Food and Drug store. It was apparently an elaborate scheme to get money out of the store.

Crazy? Oh, I am JUST getting started. After loading the pastries down with dangerous shards of metal, cops say the couple decided they'd get more money if they actually ate them.

Yes, ladies and germs, these geniuses apparently ate donuts with razor blades inside. In fact, they're facing aggravated assault charges on top of the charge of making a false report about the store because they allegedly allowed a Dollar Tree co-worker to eat some of the treats -- without telling her what was inside. Good news here is she felt the blade as she was biting and didn't swallow.

But that's probably the only good news.

Unless you count the fact that the cops nabbed the crooked couple based on "inconsistencies" in their story?

Actually, you know what? That's probably the BEST news of it all.

These folks were (allegedly) dumb enough to eat donuts when they knew there were razor blades inside, and their idiocy will save a store from the kind of idiotic lawsuit that just ups the prices for all the good law-abiding folks out there. It doesn't make sense, does it? Who would keep eating after they bit into something and noticed something sharp? Doesn't. Add. Up.

And good thing! The wacky story also landed their butts in jail, so they'll have to answer for the crimes and -- should they be found guilty -- be prevented from doing anything like this again.

I always love when a criminal (or couple of criminals in this case) get their hinies handed to them because they were stupid. It makes me feel like the good guys actually have a fighting chance in this world.

Have you ever bit into something and found something that wasn't supposed to be there? What was it?


Image via Draper Police Department



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nonmember avatar jake

receipts and a bandaid in a big mac

insei... inseineangel

Didn't bite into anything, but I discovered a whole dead goldfish inside a freshly opened can of Arizona Iced Tea. They never did discover how it got in there...

trin123 trin123

Band aid in chicken wings.

Marissa Daniel

When I was a kid, my mom and I used to make french toast every morning with bread fresh from our grocers bakery. We found part of a glove with what appeared to be finger remnants in it!

Kris1885 Kris1885

A plastic glove in a taco. This was before the "finger in the chili". I brought it back to the restaurant and they refused to refund my $$. "It happens all the time" is what the manager told me. Ew. Never went back and on the bright side, they closed down 2 years later

heydo... heydooney

Not food, but I bought my son a toy at a thrift store that had magnetic pieces that stored in a pouch and you played with them on a mat. We got home and he was pulling the pieces out and said, "what's this?" and held up a razor blade.

Nancy Peak

This is all so disgusting! lol! My mom found a rubber band in a can of corned beef hash once. I found a caterpillar in a can of green beans Thanksgiving before last. yick

Penny Pigtales

I had a friend who bought one of those lunchable lunches with the cola. She opened it and there was a dead cockroach floating in the can. 

chell... chellejen

I found a broken tooth in a pint of ice cream once, and after I discovered it wasn't my tooth, I complained to the company and they offered to send me a coupon for a free pint, lol! I declined, of course.

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