Mom Arrested for Trying to Sell Her Kids on Facebook & Wait Until You Hear Her Plans for the Money

We’ve heard plenty about the booty calls and vow-damning affairs, and read details on the sordid murder-for-hire plots that unfold on social media. But of all the wretched misuses of it, this one has got to be a frontrunner. A 22-year-old Oklahoma mom has been arrested for allegedly contacting a woman in Arkansas and trying to sell her two children to her on Facebook. Geez.

Misty Van Horn, who has a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old, reportedly set the going price for the toddler at $1,000 or both of them for $4,000. (I guess infants are pulling more in the Facebook baby black market.) That’s bad enough. But she’s accused of soliciting the illegal sale of her two children to raise the money to bail her boyfriend out of jail. That’s even worse.

Boyfriend. Babies. Boyfriend. Babies. That priority face-off is typically a no-brainer for most moms. Thankfully, the woman who claims she was propositioned informed the state’s Department of Human Services, who then contacted police. Otherwise, heaven only knows where those poor kids could’ve ended up. A woman desperate enough to try to hock her kids on Facebook is probably not splitting hairs about the quality of the customer.

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In the ironies of ironies, Van Horn was locked up on $40,000 bond. Guess no one she knows was willing to put their babies up to get her out.

There have been a gajillion studies and critiques done about how social media affects our relationships. But, just in general, it also makes it easier for folks who are already having bad thoughts to actually act them out. The news is proof positive these days, no?

Have you had a bad experience that made you pull off of social media? 

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moons... moonshooby

Social media is an outlet to show their true troubled thinking and allows more criminally stupid individuals to be caught before something terrible really happens. In the past this would have happened more secretly and with possibly more tragic results.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

UGh. Some people just make me shake my head and wonder what the hell is wong with society. I love my babies more than anything. I could never imagine giving them up for adoption, let alone raising them for a couple years then SELLING them. I hope she loses custody permanently. 

dekumama dekumama

Surely this is a blessing for those kids. Anyone awful enough to try and sell her children probably wasn't treating them very well.

Pauline Herr

at least she will not have to be far from her boyfriend and her children can get a family that cares for them.

Roxanne Green

i hope they throw away the key, i feel bad for the kids, they don't need a mother like that.

Robyn... RobynWolfe

This is the reason I'm glad nut cases on facebook are actually getting easier to track. Even the cops are starting to use it.

nonmember avatar Tim

Did she get any offers?

Carole Divine-Farabell

Those poor little babies are better off without this poor excuse of a Mother. Lock her up and throw away the key!!! Better yet, sterilize her while she is in jail! I hope that these children go to a loving family!!

Victoria Callis

AND this ladies and gentlemen is the parent of the yr -_-"

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