Human Chain Saves Drowning Boy -- Thank God for the First Link (VIDEO)


human chainTwelve-year-old Josh McQuoid was playing with some friends in the ocean a few days ago when suddenly an angry wave pummeled him, sweeping him off his feet and dragging him out to sea. The water he was playing in was only knee-deep, but as anyone who's ever been in the ocean knows, a powerful wave is no match for anyone.

McQuoid was pushed out into the middle of the ocean, and flipped around numerous times. "I'm going to die," he said he thought as he was tossed about. But before he was sucked too far out into the surf, an amazing thing happened: A human chain was formed, and Joshua was saved.

You won't believe this:


Initially, a German tourist visiting New Zealand tried to save McQuoid, but he couldn't get to the boy. When police arrived on the scene, they immediately dove into the "treacherous" waters, trying to reach Josh, but were having trouble. Suddenly, they looked back at shore, and realized that a human chain of about 12 people had formed -- and they all worked together to pull Josh out safely.

These are the types of situations in which "sheep mentality" seems to happen. If one person had never made an attempt to save Josh -- or if they hadn't been the first link in the chain -- Josh may not have been rescued. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling in order for the right thing to be done. If no one had made that first move for Josh -- if everyone was too scared -- he may not have made it. Thank god for the good people in the world. And thank god Josh is okay.

What do you think of this?


Image via Telegraph

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MsRkg MsRkg

While I'm thankful this worked and the boy was OK, this in reality is a really dumb idea and really shouldn't have been done. If the waves were that strong, and one of the links/hand in the chain broke, then the people in the deeper water run the potential of being sucked out into the sea, and instead of having one person in distress, you now have multiple people at risk in the water.

They would have better fashioning off some kind of rope out of materials on the beach (towels, sheets, etc) using a sailor's knot or something, and then trying one end of it to some type of floatable device that would have gotten it out there to him.

Jasmi... Jasminekitty

^Like they'd really have time for that! Sorry, but these people did what they had to do as QUICKLY as they could. to save this kid. Kudos to them! :)


Andre... Andreamom001

The time it would take to make a rope would be much more than the time it would take for a boy to drown.  <eyeroll>  Yes, it was risky, but it worked.  A life was saved.  Thank goodness.  People risking their lives to save another is a heroic, human action.

Barbara Alixa Curbelo Diaz

@ MsRkg, I think that it's obvious that they did not have time to plan! And, if that was you're child in the water would you still think & feel this? I think not!

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