Teach Men Not to Rape: An Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work (VIDEO)

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zerlina maxwellShould women carry a firearm in case of rape? People have been arguing over this question since Colorado state senator Evie Hudak told a rape survivor that "statistics are not on your side" as a potential rape victim even if you're carrying a concealed weapon. So what should we tell women about preventing rape? YOU ARE ASKING THE WRONG QUESTION, says rape survivor and political commentator Zerlina Maxwell.

Zerlina appeared on Sean Hannity's FOX News show over the weekend and introduced a rape prevention idea so radical, it blew people's minds: Teach men not to rape. Teach who not to what now? Brain hurts. Confused. Words not make sense. WHAT.

I'm kidding. Obviously it's the most sensible solution and it's sad that Maxwell got any blow back over it at all. But she did. Of course she did. Conservative news sites were all, "that's shocking!" and "bizarre" and she's "oversimplifying" and she "owes rape victims an apology!" I just ... I can't with these people. Oh -- and then there were all the rape threats she got from trolls on Facebook. Well done, asshats. Well done.

Anyway, here's how Zerlina put it on Hannity's show:

I don’t think that we should be telling women anything. I think we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there. You’re talking about this as if it’s some faceless, nameless criminal, when a lot of times it’s someone you know and trust. If you train men not to grow up to become rapists, you prevent rape.

This is the chilling thing about rape. Sure, there's "evil" stranger danger out there. But most rapes are committed by men women know and trust. The Stuebenville boys accused of rape were just "average guys," Maxwell says. But we don't want to admit this! We don't want to admit that our sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, and friends are capable of rape. But we do need to wrap our heads around this idea. We need to believe "regular" guys are capable of rape (not just random "criminals"), and we need to educate these guys about what rape is and why they shouldn't do it.

Because there's a lot of men out there who haven't gotten the memo.

Anyway, Maxwell would like to see more training and conversations for men. She recently wrote up five ways we can teach men not to rape. And she'd like us to stop lying to women about how, if we would just stop acting like such sluts, we wouldn't get raped. "I don't want anybody to lecture a rape survivor about anything. And I don't want anybody telling women that if you don't wear a skirt or don't drink at all, you're going to be safe. That is a lie."

This reminds me of an incident at my college years ago. There had been a few attacks on women in the wooded area at the edge of campus. And so the university administration sent out the message to women: NEVER WALK ALONE. A few of us thought that was pathetic, and that maybe it's the men who can't be trusted to go anywhere alone?!?

So we came up with a crazy idea -- we put up flyers announcing that because of the attacks, men would be required to be escorted around campus by at least two females in order to demonstrate that they're not threatening. It was a joke, obviously. It was supposed to make people stop and ask themselves: Why is it women's responsibility to stop men from being violent? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Because people are defensive and literal-minded and sometimes just plain dumb, this idea went over a lot of heads. But I still want to believe we made a few people think. And I really hope Zerlina Maxwell is making people think (like, with their brains and everything) about how we're going about this whole rape prevention thing all wrong. What's it going to take, guys? Do you have the balls to learn -- and teach each other -- not to rape? Are you ready for that? Are you man enough?

Do you agree with Zerlina that we need to stop lecturing women and start teaching men not to rape?


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bills... billsfan1104

You totally glossed over what the DEMOCRAT told the rape survivor. She basically told her that she shouldn't have a gun to protect herself. Why aren't you up in arms about that? And why do some democrats act like men are heathens and savages out prowling the night to rape women? Your school was trying to keep you safe by giving you good advice.

Happy... Happydad73

Are you really dumb enough to believe this will end rape? If so we should tell the thieves to stop stealing, the politicians to stop lying, bigots to stop hating and a whole lot of other really simple things and that will end evil in our world!! Oh, wait. There are evil people who will do it anyways. And that is the problem, no amount of teaching them will work. Should we assign 2 women to walk around with them to so they can't harm anyone either? Maybe that will work in fantasy world too.

the4m... the4mutts

Dont be stupid. BOTH are nessecary. There are some men, that no matter what their moms, dads, or society tells them, feel entitled to a woman's body. We need more parents, sex ed teachers, counselors, and EVERYONE telling boys as early as possible to keep their hands off ANYONE, male or female, unless they have asked permission.

And we need to teach women that it's okay to speak out, its okay to arm yourself if you dont feel safe, give them self defense techniques, give them tools to fight a rapist, or convict one if they cant fight.

Nothing about rape is one sided. Men need to stop, and women need to feel empowered.

Caera Caera

This is such an oversimplification of the issues. What an idiot.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@billsfan sometimes fighting back in rape in the wrong decision. It can cause the situation to escalate and turn the rape into a murder. And I don't see where she says this will end rape, I see where she presents a possible solution that seems legit if it could prevent one rape, doesn't it make it worth acknowledging.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I think we should be doing both. Yes, men should know not to rape. But there will always be some sicko out there who wants to take advantage of women, and it is against those sickos that women need to protect themselves from.

To just assume that if you teach men not to rape there will be zero rapes is just ignorant. Obviously people know murder is wrong, but people still do it. I think we also need to improve our justice system so that rapists, murderers and child molesters either get the death penalty or no chance of parole. Its sick that repeat offenders get back on the streets to do those things again.

Todd Vrancic

Why is teaching men they are responsible for their own actions wrong.  I don't know about you, but I was taught that adults are supposed to be responsible for their own actions.  Which means that when my wife gets ready for a bath in our master suite, I don't lose my mind because she's nekkid.  (intentional misspelling there.)  I taught my son that he is responsible for his actions and if nobody threatened his life, they didn't make him do anything.

belon... belongs2Jesus

hey drug pusher it's wrong stop don't.  don't work


let's try this one no stop don't murder didn't help


while one or two may listen not all will. BTW you may now freak out as I carry a pretty pink stun gun.

Dennis Hart

Here is my suggestion. Visit your local men's correctional facility. Get to understanding the people inside those facilities. Familiarize yourself with the reality that you are a moving meat target and that psychopaths and sociopaths really could care less what you have to say to them. Evil men will take what they want - which is your body. Evil men do not care to converse with you, nor are they interested in any more than your vagina. I've spoken with men on San Quentin's Death Row and I can tell you flatly: carry a gun. Be trained in the safe use of a firearm. Know how to defend yourself. Ask my daughter who fought off an armed attacker as he tried to slash her with a knife. Dialogue won't cut it. The woman in this video demonstrates a naïveté that is EXTREMELY dangerous. Do yourself a favor. Discard her rhetoric and take a good self-defense course. Arm yourself.

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

yes, because most men think it's perfectly fine to rape women... if only someone had told them it was bad. *eyeroll*

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