Boyfriend Allegedly Texts After ‘Visine Poisoning’ His Girlfriend & Thank Goodness! (VIDEO)

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shayne carpenterCriminals make dumb mistakes all the time. (Remember that one guy who left a trail of Cheetos from the convenience store he robbed to his front door?) These blockheaded blunders usually work out well for everyone involved except the criminal (of course). This was particularly true for an unidentified California woman who suddenly developed a very, very upset stomach after having an argument with her boyfriend. No, this was no stress-induced tummy ache. The cause of her gastrointestinal suffering turned out to be a mean-spirited "prank" played by her boyfriend, 27-year-old Shayne Carpenter, who allegedly put Visine eye drops in her drink ... and then texted a bunch of his buddies about it.

Clearly Carpenter wasn't exactly the trustworthy type to begin with, because as soon as his girlfriend started to feel ill, she knew just what to do ...

She checked his cellphone for clues. And boy, did she ever find 'em -- in such eloquently worded texts as this one:

"If she's going to be talking crap then she's going to be crapping."

Dang, this fella sure does sound like a keeper, right ladies?

Anyway, it's a good thing Carpenter was stupid enough to text his pals about his alleged attempt to poison his gal, because when she found the texts, she called the police AND the hospital, where she was treated and released. Carpenter was released, too -- from jail, after posting $25,000 bail (he was arrested and charged with domestic abuse and poisoning).

Sheesh. Check out this dastardly dude:


Hope that relationship is over!

Can you believe someone would be this stupid and mean?


Image via ABC

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Vegeta Vegeta

Wow that's a hefty fine. We used to put eyedrops in friends drinks as pranks all the time! ...I guess it was funnier in college even when I got pranked. It does make you crap but not seriously sick.

Todd Vrancic

Vegeta, it depends on the amount.  A drop or two may not do much harm, but the whole bottle could possibly kill.  The warning "For external use only" is not on the bottle just because they didn't have anything else they could put there, it's there because some people need to be told that fire will burn them.

kisse... kisses5050

 at univerisity we put Azo in a cheaters dirink turning his pee bright red... but we checked to make sure it wouldnt hurt him

tuffy... tuffymama

Horrifying! It is NOT funny to do that to someone. Some jerks put laxatives in brownies for one of my teachers in high school and the poor woman ended up in the hospital for DAYS. She actually may have died if she hasn't gone to the ER. She was bleeding and everything! Lawyers were called, parents had meetings. I don't know what ended up happening, because I switched schools before it was resolved, but I would imagine that visine could be just as dangerous to someone with an already compromised digestive system. NOT COOL. Anyone who does this belongs in jail.

eetfbf eetfbf

Like I said before I believe anything that sick people would do. I really hope she stays away from him .

Tamara Lynette Landon

DO NOT DATE THIS MAN. wow. i can't believe that people would do these things.Another person was right in that it may seem harmless but it isn't.What won't affect one person will kill another. And they may be on meds that interact.NOT FUNNY and hope no one gets this idea again.

candy... candyw210

definitely depends on how much he gave her. That poor girl! one of my brother's friends did that as a prank in high school and they put about 8-10 drops in the kids drink and he was hospitalized, so it doesn't take a lot of visine to potentially kill you.

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