Couple's Second Lottery Win Celebration Makes Them Sound Greedy

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powerballThey say lightning never strikes twice. Tell that to the Arizona couple who are celebrating their second lottery win this week. Diane and Kerry Carmichael will bring home a cool $1 million as second prize winners in this week's Powerball.

Considering they already won $2.5 million in December 1995, they should be done now, right? Yeah, not so much ...

Diane says they will keep on playing the lottery:

Good things come in threes. Two down, one to go.

Hey, I get it, $3.5 million is not what it used to be. It's not a guarantee that you can live the good life. The Carmichaels said they're going to talk to their financial planner and resist the urge to "splurge" after their big win.

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But that's not going to keep them from spending money on more tickets.

Come on, y'all! Whatever happened to bowing out gracefully? Because once you've won the lottery twice, going for number three sounds a little ... greedy?

Go ahead, call it sour grapes because I've never won the lottery. It's true. I haven't. Then again, I've never actually played the lottery. It's just not my thing.

So let's move on to the next theory, shall we? I'm a big fan of playing fair. And trying for a third lottery win when you've already won big twice just doesn't sound fair to me.

It's kind of like the high school coach leaving in his best players when his team is already up by 100. You don't have to guarantee other people a win, but for crying out loud, you can at least give them a sporting chance!

Maybe if the Carmichaels were talking about sharing some of their not-so-hard-won cash with local charities, they'd sound a little less greedy? Or maybe I am just jealous.

Who knows! The good thing of course, is the lottery is a game of chance. There's no more guarantee that the Carmichaels will win again than there is that anyone will strike it rich.

Let's hope next time the big check goes to someone who really needs it ...

Do you think lottery winners should be allowed to play again? When should they be cut off?


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PonyC... PonyChaser

Ok, so by your logic, Tiger Woods should have "bowed out" after his first Masters win. Michael Jordan should have stepped down after the first time he won a championship. Pick an NFL Team - they should stop playing well after they win the Super Bowl. All so that it will be "fair" for the other players?

If you win a card game (or trivia or whatever the game is) when you're playing with a group of friends at a party, do you then put your cards down and say, "Ok, I won this round, now I'm going to stop playing so that all of you can win. And then after everyone has won a game, then I'll start playing again!"

I didn't think so.

The fact is, those people have exactly the same chance of winning the lottery as every other person who plays - the odds are based on the numbers, not on how many people play. And when they win, it's their prerogative to spend the money however they choose - by donating it all to charity or blowing it all on fancy cars and gin.

chigi... chigirl1228

Lottery is a gamble... a game of luck. I am the most unlucky person on the planet. I couldn't hit big at the casino if my life depended on it. My cousin is always lucky. All he has to do is walk thru the doors and it rains money on him. Just bc they haven't donated doesn't mean anything. Everyone has a fair chance. Nobody should be cut off bc someone thinks they won too much...that's silly talk.

lasombrs lasombrs

Why should they stop? Its a game, they pay to play. They have every right to continue. Should ever football team that ever won a superbowl stop playing? No. Thats just foolish.

teach... teacherchick77

I'd rather see people with money (most likely) wasting their money on lottery tickets than someone who can't afford to feed their kids. Lottery dollars help pay my salary. I say play away, millionaires! Lol.

nonmember avatar sara

This is a ridiculous artcle. You can play the lottery as much or as little as you want. Just because you've won once doesn't me you can't or shouldn't continue to pay. This couple doesn't seem greedy at all. Keep playing and good luck to you (and me!). Jeane you need to find more interesting things to write about or maybe just slay coset monsters and leave the writing to someone with a little more vision.

Vegeta Vegeta

It's not -fair- that they have -exactly the same chance- as everyone else that plays? Apparently I need to re-educate myself on the definition of 'fair'.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I have to agree with the previous comments, if they want to keep playing - they can. By them playing it doesn't reduce someone else's chance of winning. It can't be compared to a coach keeping in his starters when he's winning by a landslide...the difference is that the team is playing defense preventing the other team from them playing the lottery, they are not preventing anyone else from winning.

It's unfair to expect them to "bow out" just because they have won previously.

laris... larissalarie

It's not "fair"? What is this, 2nd grade here?

So should all the countries CEOs (who make more in a year than what these 2 have won in almost twenty years) quit after a year so it's "fair" and that guy flipping burgers has a chance at nabbing that position? Should Bill Gates close down Microsoft and not sell another product so that family raising 8 kids on welfare has a "fair" shot at making it big?

Because those things make about as much sense as saying people playing the lottery who won make it "unfair" for non-winners.

And seriously, they won 2.5 million almost 20 years ago. They won 1 million now. They probably had to pay about half of all that in taxes. That's not exactly the huge jackpot everyone is hoping for with the lottery. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to win that kinda money, but it's just not the huge jackpot that people think of with the lottery.

2many... 2manydiapers

Seriously this isn't elementary school, the don't need to share with the class.

If anyone seems greedy its the person writing this article.

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