10 Quotes for Military Wives That Celebrate Their Strength, Honor & Love

military homecomingThe United States military is one of the largest in the world at nearly 1.5 million strong, and my fellow Americans, we should be praising them from the rooftops! And that includes the men and women married to our military and the moms and dads of our soldiers. When do they get some love?

Hello, America! Military families are the backbone of our armed forces. A military wife is oftentimes putting up with months home alone with the kids, worrying about her husband in the line of danger, and all while seriously missing her military husband. So how about we do a little something to honor them once in awhile?

Well, here we gooooooo!

We've got 10 quotes that remind the world there's major sacrifice involved when you're a military spouse. They're married to a man or woman who puts their life on the line for our nation's freedom, but they're sure as heck doing their part too!

Feel free to pin 'em on Pinterest, share 'em on Facebook, or do whatever it takes to let the military spouses and military moms know this nation is grateful for THEIR sacrifices too. 

Is there a military family in your life? Which quote would you share with them?


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lobus lobus

My husband is army and my favorite is the army being his mistress because its so true. If he didnt work with only men sometimes id wonder....lol. He is gone a lot even when hes not deployed and they can make him come in as early and leave as late as they need him, with no such thing as "overtime."

All the other ones are kind of cheesy...I like to lay low when hes deployed and I would never put one of those stickers "half my heart is in..." on my car. Just asking for trouble IMO...

Brandy Foy

My favorite is "sexually deprived for your freedom" haha

Sierr... SierraLynn

Bring prior service and now a military spouse, almost all these sayings are stupid. The majority of the time the women who plaster themselves with these sayings and crap all over their purses and cars are the butt of a lot of jokes with the service members.

The one I'm seeing more around here now is "Army Wife Life". *rolls eyes*

ajb246 ajb246

If it wasnt for my Husbands deployment to Afghanistan and him coming to my house for R&R for christmas i dont know if we would have married, The thought of losing him made me realize how much i wanted to be with him (long story we have 3 kids oldest is 10)

nonmember avatar brandy moser

Everyday life pretty much stays the same when my hubby is deployed. Yes its a lot harder being single parent during that time. Its nothing to boust about or plaster all over my car. But yes my husband is military and puts himself in this position to keep our country safe. Im proud to be his wife and know he will come home. There is a lot of strong women out there and keep things moving smoothly while the hubby is away!

nonmember avatar yikes

Hahah. You ladies are over there sobbing..While your husbands are flirting and taking off their rings when they are at work or tdy.


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