Dad Had Babies With His 3 Daughters to Keep His Bloodline 'Pure'

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One of the sickest trials of the year, perhaps of all time, is going on in New Jersey right now. And no one is really paying any attention to it. Certainly not like the attention Jodi Arias is getting. A man named Aswad Ayinde, a video music director who won an award for directing The Fugees' big hit "Killing Me Softly," has been on trial for two years for running a house of horrors where he repeatedly raped his daughters, and had babies with three of them. He apparently did all of this because he thought the world was going to end -- and all that would be left would be him and his "pure" offspring. That excuse ain't gonna fly, sicko.

Ayinde had six daughters and has been accused of repeatedly raping five of them. DNA tests proved he had children with three daughters. One of them had four of his children. Ayinde has already been sentenced to 40 years for raping another daughter with whom he had a child. Ayinde was apparently getting his daughters pregnant -- and delivering the babies himself at home -- in an effort to preserve his "pure bloodline." 

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He's now on trial for raping the daughter he has four children with. And incredibly, this might be the one he doesn't serve any time for, because incest with a person over 18 isn't illegal in the state of New Jersey (!!), and it's difficult to prove exactly when Ayinde fathered the four children with his daughter, since the children didn't get birth certificates until years after they were born.

The daughter claims she gave birth to her father's first child at age 13. Since Ayinde has already been convicted of the same crime with another daughter, whom he impregnated at 15 and began having sex with at 8 years old, I believe her. Why would he wait until one daughter was of legal age? Please!

Ayinde's defense attorney says that the entire family agreed to this "lifestyle choice" and that "there were no guns to" the daughters' heads. What an idiotic thing to say. The children were brainwashed and never knew any different than what they were handed from the day they were born.

But you have to wonder about their mother, Beverly. She went with her children to the police in 2006 and has testified at the trials -- but WHY did she let it continue for so long?! However, considering that she called her husband "my God" and stayed with him after he told her the "spirits" were telling him to have sex with their 8-year-old daughter, well ... can't expect too much from this woman. But I don't know why she's not on trial too.

Can you believe this?!


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Becky Dutton

What a sick bastard.

Joe Colehour

I agree. This does need more attention. Adults haveing sex with kids-----not acceptable. Fathers impregnating their under-age daughtors-------not acceptable. If they were all consenting adults however; I wouldn't care as much. I mean, it is kind of disgusting in my opinion for a father to be romantically involved with an adult daughtor or mother with her son, but who am I to argue or judge that situation as long as they are adults and they consent to the relationship. This is not the case though with this man. The disgusting part is not the fact they are relatives. The disgusting part is that this guy is a predator and his prey are his own minor children who depended upon him for protection and decency.

Jeanna Hale

sick sicki sick


Jenny Lynn

Lost Soul....I think this would be to kind and painless for him.....

Jenny Lynn

I like Darlas idea lol

artribe artribe

totally agre his actions were-are wrong from the get go--but as a woman who was in a very abusive 17 year marriage that he first brainwashed the mother and slowly over time he wore herdown --his realitly is all she knew---she mor e than likely was cut off for her family if not completely-she may of havea small circle -he allowed her to talk with--if you haven't lived soehting simialer to this it's easy to say she is jiust as guilty....she went alng or didn't say anything more than likely out of fear of what might do to her or nay of the other's way easier to decide when you are outside looking in

Jessica Zito Babcock

wow that is not cool at all he needs to got to jail and so does the mother because she now about it.

Jeanne Svoboda

Theres nothing to say except this world just keeps getting sicker and sicker---pray for those poor little girls--that  they may one day be ok---------

nonmember avatar sharon

His name is literally ass wad.

Graciela Ortiz-Young

He needs to be castrated, publicly humiliated with a sign which reads "I'm a pedophile and commit incest with my children", then locked up to rot in jail.

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