Mom Reportedly Beats Son With Cord After Walking in on Him Being Sexually Abused

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cordI don't think any mother would like to walk in on their son receiving oral sex, but for one mom in Texas, this was the unfortunate reality. Erica Moore claims she was lying in bed one night when she decided to walk around and check on her kids. When she entered her 15-year-old son's room, she reportedly caught him engaged in the sexual act -- with her male cousin, who happens to be 18.

Moore, "disgusted" with what she saw, picked up a cord and allegedly started beating her son with it -- so much to the point that he reportedly had to be taken to the hospital. Her reasoning? He was "committing a homosexual act" -- something she's very against -- in her house.

It's interesting -- and a little shocking -- that Moore resorted to allegedly hitting her own child after walking in on this act. And that the "homosexual" thing is what she's concerned with here. Never mind the fact that parents should be accepting of whatever their kids' sexual orientation is (and that unnecessary violence is wrong!), how about the fact that this is incest?! Or the fact that her cousin was 18, and her son 15?! Isn't that sexually abusing a minor? Reportedly hitting her child (who's the victim in that situation) to the point of hospitalization was the wrong reaction to have. And her reasoning behind it is just strange. 

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Moore is now facing assault charges with bodily injury to a family member, and if convicted, could face jail time. Police say that Moore went too far, causing bleeding and leaving marks on the her son's thighs, forearms, hands, torso, and back. Child Protective Services' Marissa Gonzales, said: "If you are leaving the child with severe injuries or bruises, then obviously we might be talking about abuse." Moore's reaction to the whole thing? "I actually caught this going on in my house so how was I supposed to react to it? Was I supposed to just let it go? No! We were taught to discipline our kids and we whoop our kids."

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jalaz77 jalaz77

18 and 15 are not a big deal, it would of been some other 18 year old. He is 15 and knows better. The big deal is that it's a damn family member and the mom is a freaking nutcase!!! She shouldn't worry about her kid being a homosexual but worry about how long it's been going on with family and anyone else. She needs anger management, he needs counseling cause his mom probably won't accept him if he continues with boys. Moms priorities are a mess!! Poor kid did not deserve a beating.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

The older cousin is the one that needed a beating!

BeccaLS BeccaLS

I find it interesting that the only problem she had with it was the fact that they were both male.

She doesn't care that they're related? WTF?!

Todd Vrancic

No, neither teen needed a beating, but I sure would have called the cops on the 18-year-old.  You can bet this wasn't the first time.

Irela... Ireland69

How do we not know if the 18 yr didn't force him?? he could've been sexually abusing him and the son was scare or something. or might be going on for a while.

Krystal Harvey

It is wrong that they are related and it is very wrong that she beat him for it, but I don't see how he was sexually abused. From what it sounds like it was consensual. I think 15 is too young to be having any kind of sex, but it happens anyways and I just don't think it was sexual abuse.

Carrie West

she needed the beating !!! Sickening !!! you have to handle situations better than that as a parent that is just unacceptable !

becka... beckacraig

I would have been more concerned with the fact he was related....I could care less about the homosexual is blind and I support my children whomever they chose to be with....and as for the age, it's only 3 husband and I got together when I was 16 and he was long as he wasn't being forced, it's no one's business....the mom definitely over reacted and to beat her own child?? No....not OK. It's the incest that I think should have gotten her would have gotten me upset....not to the point I would've hospitalized anyone, but still, I think it's the only thing that would have bugged me.

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

It doesn't matter if the 15 year old consented to it. If the law calls it sexual abuse of a minor, than that's exactly what it is. And his mother is a Grade-A bitch! Yes, they're cousins and it should not have happened, but beating her child to the point of hospitalization went way too far. And her excuse for it is total bullshit.

Shelia Lee Ann Alexander

I don't know how I would react. I am opposed to homosexuality myself, but also understand it is not my place to pass judgement on anyone. I've got my own sin to consider. I do know I'd be highly upset if I walked in on such a thing with one of my children. I honestly couldn't say how I'd react. I do agree with the previous comment on how long it could have been going on.

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