Mom Offers $500 If You’ll Please, Please Give Her Daughter a Job

The economy is doing better? Oh. OK then. That’s news to some of us whose positions have recently been katana chopped (including this gal right here. You can’t see me, but I’m pointing to myself). But the headliner in the cast of seemingly normal but evidently freakishly unemployable people is 36-year-old Lisa Smith, who has been out of work since last summer. But not for much longer. Not if her mama, Linda, has her way.

So committed is she to getting her daughter a j-o-b that the elder Ms. Smith has issued an irresistible offer to all of you power networkers out there: take her daughter's resume and get $500 in cold cash if she gets hired. Or maybe a check or PayPal transfer. Anyway, you gotta love an incentive.

That’s not all. Mommy Dearest has also stood with a sign on a busy intersection in her California neighborhood and passed out Lisa’s resume. She took 80 with her and only 11 were taken, but she’s not the least bit deterred. She’s confident that all of this inventive marketing and advertising will put her daughter’s skill set in the hands of some benevolent human resource decision-maker out there.

Most recently, Lisa was caretaker to her mother, who suffered a brain injury after being hit by a drunk driver in 1996. She’s been a doting daughter up until last year, when her mom was finally able to care for herself and live on her own. Which explains why Linda is trying to help her girl child step back into the land of the gainfully employed. Kind of like an uber thoughtful version of tit-for-tat.

The warm, fuzzy results: it’s working. Well, sort of. Lisa has a job interview on Friday (cross your fingers, you guys! And squeeze your eyes real tight for hope). And even if that doesn’t work out, people have been contacting her by email and Facebook to ask for her resume and find out what they can do to help.

Of course, this effort isn’t without its critics, but I think it’s a kindhearted gesture. If you’ve ever found yourself in an employment dry spell—the kind that whittles your self-confidence down to the nubs because you’ve hit “send” on an unacknowledged resume/cover letter combo one too many times—you know that an effort like this can be appreciated. So good luck to America’s Most Well-Intentioned Mom and her daughter. Oh, and the person who scores the $500 for helping them get her a gig.

Do you think Lisa’s mother is helping her daughter or coddling her? 

Image via sushi♥ina/Flickr 

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wamom223 wamom223

Janelle now that I know you like to use the comments from this site in blogs you write for other sites I don't feel comfortable commenting on your pieces and I don't think anyone else should either. While I haven't ever been a fan of your work (although you have had pieces I really like)  I never thought you would do something like that and I'm really disappointed in you.   

mommy... mommyof5cutties

My husband is a rocket scientist no joke.. someone hire him! Oh wait they won't because no one has any jobs available for people who are smart but just don't have the 20 years experience that the 1,000 jobless people who got laid off from NASA and private contractors... so as we sit on mounds of student debt he's over qualified for everything except in his field where he is at the bottom of a very very long list of people available. I feel bad for this lady and I hope she gets a nice job and is treated well in life. I believe she will be taken care of just as she took care of her mother... it all comes around eventually.

nonmember avatar lisabeth

@Mom of 5 - Every time I see your screen name, I picture five sad emo kids cutting their arms....cutties? Hope that student debt wasn't for an English degree!

baham... bahamamama61

Wow, I think I'll try that:)

Vegeta Vegeta

It's a nice gesture, but I think at the age of 36 your mommy shouldn't be getting you job interviews. (unless she works for the company your trying to get a job at)

mommy... mommyof5cutties

At nonmember lisabeth.. yes I noticed my typo only too late. And no its not an English degree he has a degree in international relations and space studies and also speaks Russia German and french. Also a bit of many other languages.

Todd Vrancic

Have you all tried to get him a job as a translator?  He sounds like a natural for that.

Senia... Seniahmom

If it works go for it. At this point any kind of networking. Job hunting these days is a joke.

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