Coupon Crazy Woman Pulls a Gun When Store Won't Give Her a Dollar Off

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Talk about penny wise and pound foolish. A woman was arrested in Florida after pulling a gun on workers in a Walmart -- because they wouldn't honor her one-dollar coupon. I know extreme couponers get nutty, but this is ridiculous. It reportedly all started when 61-year-old Walmart shopper Mary Frances Alday tried to use the one-dollar off coupon that she'd downloaded online. As anyone who has ever shopped knows, these store coupons can be a hair-pullingly frustrating endeavor. But Alday didn't pull her hair -- she reportedly pulled a gun.

When Alday was told by the store manager that the coupon wasn't good in stores and only online (which I'm sure was stated clearly in the microscopic print buried somewhere within pages and pages of microscopic print), Alday reportedly went ballistic. She became verbally abusive with the manager, calling her the B word. Then she reportedly rammed her with a shopping cart. But that's not all, folks! She was just getting started.

The manager then tried to walk Alday outside to get her license plate number. Alday reportedly responded, "I have something for you in my car." Three colleagues joined the manager, and they all reportedly watched Alday as she got that "something" -- a gun. She then allegedly began waving it while yelling, "I have something for y'all," while everyone fled for their lives.

Alday was later arrested, but only after cops used a stun gun on her -- because you know she wasn't gonna go quietly. She was eventually charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a host of other charges that are likely to send Alday away for quite awhile.

All for a buck?! Look, I know how frustrating it is when an ad seems to promise something, and you get in your car, use up your precious gas and time, and then, lo and behold, it was all a ruse to get you in the store. But this is a dollar we're talking about. Alday will now likely have a criminal record, spend some time in the clink, and pay out much more than a buck in bail and lawyers' fees, and lost income, provided she has a job. Was a dollar worth all that?

And couldn't the Walmart employees have just honored the coupon when they saw how upset this elderly woman was getting? Can't we all just get along?!

Have you ever gotten angry over a coupon?

Image via Wakulla County Sheriff's Office

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Doomy234 Doomy234

What a nut. Geez.

Megan... MeganJune03

At least she will be gettinf free meals and not have to worry with cupons for a while....

rhps2000 rhps2000

Shopping can be irritating. I got overcharged on makeup at Kmart. And it was also supposed to be buy one get one half off. And then they wouldn't accept returns on even unopened cosmetics. :(

nonmember avatar Common.Sense

....So, HOW did this nutjob get a gun exactly? Gunshow loophole? Background checks that don't include a psych screening?

And the rest of the world wonders why America has so much gun violence.....

Vegeta Vegeta

Mom? Lol

lasombrs lasombrs

People like her give couponers a bad name and make the employees hate us and be rude to us before we even speak to them :( What a loon.

lulou lulou

Id have to look closer at the laws, conceal and carry, etc, in that state.  Since Walmart actually sells them, and doing quite well with that lately I hear, and youd have to carry it out of the store somehow, not sure if just waiving one in the parking lot is assault with a deadly weapon, I suppose the direction you wave it could matter, kind of like the speed and velocity song.

amand... amandabananda

I know times are tough, but $1?  Get over it lady.  What a wacko.  She gives us good couponers a bad name.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Uh, she didn't 'honor' the coupon because it was only good online. Rules are rules, and being a cunt doesn't get you an exception.

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