Mom Reportedly Leaves Kids in the Car ... While She Goes Drinking at the Bar

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Cheryn ScaggsEver had one of those days when you could really use a drink? Here's how not to enjoy your alcoholic beverage of choice: in a bar while your 1- and 4-year-old children are left outside in the car in 30-degree weather. That's what cops say a mom did in Florida (yes, it can get down to 30 at night in the Sunshine State) this week.

Cops in Volusia County say Cheryn Scaggs even propped a visor on the windshield of her car to make sure that no one would take a peek inside and see her daughters. Well, duh, of course if you're the kind of mom who would leave her kids in the freezing cold so you could go drinking, you wouldn't want some Nosy Nelly to actually spot the kids and ruin all your fun, right? Right?


I'm not going to say it was right for Scaggs to allegedly go out drinking while her kids were sitting in a car for two hours in the cold. But that visor really pushes this child abuse case to a whole new level, doesn't it?

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If it's true -- as yet Scaggs hasn't been convicted of child neglect charges, although she's been forbidden from drinking alcohol and denied contact with her kids -- the allegations mean that this mom knew what she was doing was wrong, and she did it anyway.

That would mean she didn't run into the bar to grab something, assuming she'd run back out, and then let things get away from her. Instead, if the allegations are true, she very purposely put these kids at risk just so she could get some booze!

From a mom's perspective, it makes me angrier than I already was hearing two kids were left in the cold so mom could get drunk. But a mom's perspective doesn't matter inside a courtroom.

So from a criminal perspective, here's hoping that one detail is enough to really hammer this woman in court. Hey, it shows premeditation, doesn't it? Shows an extra amount of callousness?

Now if only the punishment could involve being stuck in a car in the freezing cold ...

What do you think should be done in this case?


Image via Volusia County Corrections

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twili... twilightsbella

People like her dnt deserve kids. That bitch needs to grow up. Those poor babies were probably scared and cold it breaks my heart for those precious kids :(

hutch... hutchfam2007

The worst part is that she was obviously also planning on driving her kids home drunk...

Vegeta Vegeta

Dude just go to the liquor store. What a scagg.

amiec... amiecanflie

This is what I don't get: You can buy alcohol literally EVERYWHERE here in Florida. Why not just get drunk at home? 

Rootbear Rootbear

When my boyfriend was little, his dad used to do this to him and his brother. 


Mari Elayne Moody

I spent many nights in the car with my 4 brothers and sisters, outside the bar while my birth mother got her drunk on. It was my job being the oldest to make sure the little ones got their snacks, bottles, and were put to sleep on time... 47 years later, that memory is still clear as day...

Tiffany Goucher

Can we address the "after" effect had she gotten away with it? And odds are this wasn't her first time. Now you have a mom who's been drinking for hours coming out to the car and driving home...hello?!

Jeanne Svoboda

OMG why the sad pathetic look on your face--go to a meeting and get yourself some 12 step help--your children deserve a good mother--not a drunk--here in Kansas she would be thrown in jail--for at least 90 days and her kids--they would be put in protective custody--good luck out here getting them any time soon though--she lets them in the cold car for how long--then getting her drunk on and then driving putting them at risk and everyone else---Go to a meeting---

Susie Hubbard Mullins-Ayscue

Only in Florida can you do these kinds of things an' even be found innocent of murdering your child after the fun is done!!!!!!!! Casey Anthony sure set a hell of an' example of this!!!

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