‘Elevator Murder Experiment’ Will Make You Ask ‘What Would I Do if I Walked in on a Murder?’ (VIDEO)

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"What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress?" That's the question behind the latest viral video. Two guys set up the scary scenario in a building elevator where one pretends to strangle the other with a red cord. It's a shocking scene to walk into. The only thing more surprising is how people reacted. From the woman who tried to beat the attacker with a bunch of roses to the man who just calmly snapped pictures with his iPhone -- you won't believe how this gruesome prank plays out. Check it out.

I assumed that everyone would just run away. Who could blame them? If a crazy man is brazen enough to murder someone in an elevator, what would stop him from turning his sights to you? And yes, when the doors opened to reveal someone being killed, many people did flee. But many more did not. They actually put their lives at risk to try to stop the crime. The most gutsy had to be the little old lady who beat off the attacker with a newly purchased bouquet of roses or the lady who started pummeling the "bad guy" with her shopping bags. Another man got inventive, grabbing a fire extinguisher and spraying him. It was both crazy and inspiring.

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This totally renewed my faith in the goodness of other human beings. I can’t imagine stumbling across that terrifying scene and my first instinct being to beat off a killer. Honestly, I can't believe someone didn't have a heart attack. How amazing is that superhero instinct from people you would never imagine stepping in -- little old ladies, petite women, elderly men. I hope they at least replaced that woman's flowers and treated her to a massage. 

Of course, there were those who screamed and took off (presumably to get help), though I was completely unnerved by the guy who just stands there calmly either taking photos of what was going down on his iPhone. That was just disturbing. Perhaps he would say he was doing it to show police, but I am sure the guy being mercilessly murdered would have appreciated a call to the cops before any evidence gathering. In any case, it's a mesmerizing social experiment you won't want to miss. 

Take a look:

What would you do?



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nonmember avatar MammaMel

there, their, and they're are all completely different words...you can not stand "their" he would need to stand "there"

And I would have been disgusted if people DIDN'T step in...THAT should be human instinct

LostS... LostSoul88

seriously? People just stood and starred? One actually recorded it? What the fuck it wrong with today society!

nonmember avatar Amanda

Thank god no one pulled a gun and shot the "attacker" without hesitation.

work4... work4mickey

Amanda, that was my first thought. This is a dangerous experiment.

I would probably run and call the police, I don't think I'm the kind of brave person who would put myself in harms way.

nonmember avatar ThatGirl

If someone did 'shoot' the attacker it would have been a justifiable homicide, a killing in defense of another person's life. It would have been sad in thi instance but if you are going to act like a murderer someone may react to you like you are one. It's not like that stuff doesn't happen in real life. hopefully they had people watching behind the scenes to intervene like they do on 'What Would You Do?'.

mommy... mommyof5cutties

Only thing I can remember was a prostitute and a business man making business in an elevator in the in or harbor of Baltimore. We had our hands full with kids but when those doors opened a man next to us drug the man out of the elevator pants down and all as his "lady friend"pulled her skirt down and ran for it... the man just laid there in shock as the man who pulled him out yelled at him for his behavior in public and around children.

nonmember avatar Christina

I'm really surprised no one kicked him in the face. His hands are busy, and he's at the right height.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I would run away from the elevator and call the police. I wouldn't want to interfere because I wouldn't know what he is capable of. 

bethg... bethgoedeken

I actually witnessed a murder this past December. The only thing I could do was run screaming to get help.

Shelly Aboagye

you had some guts to do this.. your lucky no one tried to shoot "the bad guy".

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