Oscar Pistorius’ Slain Girlfriend May Have Found Comfort in the Very Gun That Killed Her

reva steenkampThis photo of Reeva Steenkamp firing a gun is yet another terribly ironic twist to the already tragic model's alleged murder by boyfriend Oscar Pistorius: Posted to her Instagram account in July,  the picture shows Steenkamp at a shooting range  -- holding what appears to be the same 9mm pistol responsible for her death. “Shooting Games this morning! I feel less stressed now :)," she wrote. It's just beyond painful to consider, in retrospect. Gun culture was something that made Steenkamp feel safe and calm. Shooting made the model feel in control and capable of defending herself.

Look, I understand that South Africa's crime rate is significantly higher than most of us are accustomed to and that guns are commonplace in many homes. So I kind of get why knowing how to shoot properly made Steenkamp feel empowered.

But is that kind of empowement worth losing your life? Henke Pistorius, father of Oscar, recently came under fire for making the following "racist" comments:

"It speaks to the ANC government, look at white crime levels, why protection is so poor in this country, it's an aspect of our society. You can't rely on the police alone."

I get it, I really do. But something has to change, and fast -- before yet another tragedy like this one takes place.

Do you think it's strange that Steenkamp was photographed holding the very gun that killed her?

Image via Instagram

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PonyC... PonyChaser

OWW!!! Crap! I just rolled my eyes so hard, I sprained my eyesockets. Where's an ice pack?

nonmember avatar Cass

The feeling that you can be confident in yourself? The feeling that you don't constantly have to be a sitting duck waiting to be attacked? Is that worth the risk that your Olympic athlete boyfriend will mistake you for an intruder and shoot you? Look, I think everybody should respect the deadly potential guns can have in the wrong hands. However, to say that this was somehow an expected outcome is insulting to Reeva and her family.

First of all, this is in South Africa. Police are less reliable and crime is higher. Pistorius had previous problems with break-ins, if I remember correctly. And, since they clearly went to shooting ranges, it's obvious that they thought knowing how to use a gun properly was important. As everyone on your side pretends to be indignant when they're accused of trying to ban all guns, I'm forced to ask exactly what suggestion you're proposing would have saved this poor girl. This is either a tragic accident or murder. If the former, maybe you should stop sighing about how "this wouldn't have happened if...", offer your condolences to both families, and STFU. If its murder, know that this would have happened with or without a gun.

nonmember avatar mm

Do you feel comfort holding a hammer that you used to fix your roof after a storm? What if you took a picture of you using that hammer to show off your handy skills? What if said hammer was used by your boyfriend to crush your skull after an argument? ZOMG You could have prevented your own death by not having that hammer!!!!! ...not. If this is a serious justification to you to ban guns then you really have no solid grasp of reality or common sense. How does it feel to be brainwashed by biased media to fear objects? Baaaaaaaaah

BirdCo BirdCo

It's nice to know that the stir has a contact in this case that confirmed information like this is the gun used. Oh wait...

mleil... mleilanim

Um she was going to die whether she had a gun in her house or not. SHE WAS BEATEN PRACTICALLY TO DEATH WITH A CROQUET! Yeah you're right, we really gotta put a stop to the game of Cricket. Hmph.

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