Shocking ‘Wealth Inequality’ Viral Video Makes the ‘Real Housewives’ Look Downright Poor

real housewives wealth inequityWhat's the appeal of watching Real Housewives? Well, I think part of it is vicariously enjoying the lifestyles of the wealthy and faaabulous(ly tacky). Oh, if only we could all throw lavish dinner parties and dress up in designer gowns just to toss Veuve Clicquot in each other's faces. Right? Ooh, except, have you seen this "Wealth Inequity" video that's gone viral? Hmmm. Real Housewives aren't looking quite so rich and fabulous anymore... most of them aren't, anyway...



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mommy... mommyof5cutties

Wow. I'm disgusted. And our government bailed out these banks/ceo's that screwed up the economy in the first place... that's wrong.

miche... micheledo

After seeing the distribution of wealth worldwide on a website lastyear, I was a little sickened by this one. It is what it is, and even the poorest in our country live in the top 20% worldwide! We tend t ofocus on what we don't have (which this video seems to point out) instead of how very much we do have. Even our poorest do okay when you look at what the majority have around the world. I think we need to focus on the much we have and look for ways to hel pthose with less. Stop worrying about those wh ohave so much more.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Yuck that video made me think. But I think relating this to the RHO took away from how serious an issue this is.

Reali... RealityCheckNow

You know....I don't care how rich I am or how rich others are....I consider MY NEEDS ( which, admittedly, include some wants).  I have a roof over my head which I rent because I can't sell my little itty bitty house where I used to live), I have four healthy kids, I can afford food, rent, and, when my kids need things like dental care and eyeglasses, I can get those too - not easily but I figure it out (maybe a lot of pasta for a lot of months). And this was a lot better than how I grew up.   Now, I really don't know if that makes me rich or poor or in the middle, but my point being that I don't care about how others choose to define me and it was my childhood which was so poor (none of those things mentioned above happened - except for the glasses).  I think we spend way too much time over what other people have or don't have and that makes us miserable. Nor do I think that it is the government's job to bail me out.  I do just fine without having to fill out their paperwork and justify myself to them.

Laura Jerpseth

My family is in the top 20%, but just hardly.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

My family has always been the 1%, but I had no idea of the divisions within the 1% itself. Crazy.

nonmember avatar MarriedMale

Interesting clip. I dont doubt that the numbers presented could be correct. I think that it still misses the point that wealth distribution is a function of productivity. The dirty little secret is that smaller and smaller numbers in this country invest in things like proper education and career choices that would equalize the income distribution were they done. That accounts for the discrepancy. You cant choose to be a file clerk with a degree from high school and reasonably expect to build wealth on the same scale as an engineer with a degree from MIT for example. There is no mention in this clip as libs always forget about the invisible hand of the market pricing power. People earn what they earn because of the value their skills hold in the market for labor.

nonmember avatar Shannon

Before the poor in this country complain about what they don't have, take a trip to India, Africa, or South America. They will then realize how truly blessed we are in the U.S., even the poor!

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