Mock Michelle Obama's 'Mom Dancing' & You'll Just Look Silly (VIDEO)

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michelle malkin dancingConservative blogger Michelle Malkin has a bone to pick with First Lady Michelle Obama. No, it has nothing to do with public policy, the "Let's Move" campaign, or ripping her for appearing on the Oscars alongside members of the military. Apparently, Malkin took issue with the FLOTUS appearing on Jimmy Fallon and doing the hilarious "Evolution of Mom Dancing" viral video. Or, at the very least, Malkin thought it presented the perfect opportunity to take ridiculous jabs at what she sees as "wallet-grabbing," "debt ceiling-raising" liberals. I guess because Michelle Obama must not be the First Lady of the United States -- just the First Lady of the blue ones, as far as the right is concerned? So anything she does -- no matter how benign or fun-loving -- must be fair game for a polarizing political assault.

The assault comes in the form of Malkin's own dancing video, which is simply cringe-worthy. (Brace yourself.)

Yeah, and so, that happened. A buncha stale stereotypes and some really horrendous dancing is all she's got, huh? "Oh, ha ha, those silly liberals driving their hybrid cars, trying to address climate change! What a buncha gullible fools!"

What galls me the most though is that this embarrassment wasn't even called for! It would be one thing if the FLOTUS had taken some political jabs at the right in her skit with Fallon, but it was completely apolitical. The "Evolution of Mom Dancing" sketch did absolutely nothing to set the precedent for something as asinine as this. Except, you know, joke about how dorky, totally un-self-aware moms dance. Which just about all 42-year-old mom of two Michelle Malkin managed to prove, as well. Good job!

What do you make of Michelle's video response? Was this at all called for?

Image via Michelle Malkin/YouTube

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miche... micheledo

Well, as a conservative and someone who really doesn't care for the Obama's policies and what they are doing to our country . . . 


I kind of agree with you.  In fact I couldn't even watch that entire video.  It was quite boring.  I'm not sure what I think of the Obama's appearing on talk shows and late night tv shows, but put that aside, and Michelle's video was really fun!  I even shared it on FB.  

If you want to mock that as a conservative, at least do an awesome, fun job of it!

bills... billsfan1104

Omg, Maressa you are such a f-ing hypocrite. You sit ere and bitch and complain about a conservative mocking the First Lady. It wasn't even cruel. But yet YOU and the rest of the liberal bloggers did not say SHIT, not one peep, when Wonkette made fun of Sarah Palin's two year old son. They mocked him, made fun of him, called him names and you didn't say crap. Neither did any of you cohorts. And you complain about this? This is why I bring up what has been said about republican women and their kids. Because you guys on te left continue to excuse te attacks against them, but poor little Michelle Obama gets mocked, and you go ape shit.

Torra... TorranceMom

Holy mother of predictability! Another article written by Hussien's number one fan. Maressa, are you ever going to get tired of riding Obama's jock?

wamom223 wamom223

What's really sad about this is that this story is really old.  Also Maressa this whole brown nosing of the President is getting so old.  Who cares if the first lady got mocked and who cares if they did a bad job?  She is a public figure not wife to our God.  And even if she was if us Christian's are suppose to learn to laugh when people make fun of Jesus maybe she should learn to brush off this shit herself.

Totally agree Billsfan.  The hypocrisy of the liberal media and bloggers is disgusting.

early... earlybird11

Buy If it had been a pubs first lady ... Gmr on. Eye ur disgusting as usual

Bruic... Bruickson

I've yet to see a president or first lady who hasn't been mocked or made fun of. Why should our current potus or flotus be exempt?

kitty... kittykal47

OMG, someone mocked a liberal woman! Call the waaaambulance! Of course, when Bush's daughters were called drunks and sluts, that was totally justified and hilarious. Get a grip.

nonmember avatar Julianne

Mrs Obama is such a lovely, smart, fun, gracious woman who only seems to want what's best for everyone especially our kids.

She's all-embracing and isn't looking to pick fights with anyone.

Michelle Malkin ought to be ashamed of herself. The pettiness and hate targeting Mrs Obama is getting really old and tired.

I hope we see much more of Mrs Obama she is such a breath of fresh air and is always such fun and extremely down to earth, witty and cool to boot.

nikol... nikolita87

Dedicating a blog to another blogger's mockery (OH THE HORROR!!!) of the First Lady seems like you're running out of ideas. Agree with the comments above. Anyone poking fun at Republicans doesn't get shit from you but the minute the tables turn, Waaaa!!! Freedom of expression isn't illegal so if liberals are gonna dish it, you gotta get used to the fact that Republicans will too.

Melan... MelanieJK

We should resist encouraging or rewarding politicians who try to cultivate celebrity status.    It's an attempt to attract voters who are too lazy to educate themselves about,  and distract them from,  the complex issues.    I.E. allow the celebrity politician to do what he/she damn well pleases without having to worry about convincing pesky voters that it's what they want/need.  

I'm not sure Michelle Obama is the right target here though.    Her popularity does help her husband but she's officially just trying to reach young people who need to start worrying about and taking responsibility for their health at a much earlier age now.      


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