Woman Sues Fake Baby Bump Makers Because No One Believes She’s Pregnant

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I know it's tough to get a seat on the subway. Believe me, I know. I've been commuting via subway for over a decade. But apparently it's even worse in China. So there's been a growing trend of women faking pregnancy in order to snag a precious seat. The women apparently buy silicon "pregnancy bellies," which they wear under their clothes, board the subway, and wait for some clueless gallant person to give up their seat. Only this reportedly didn't go so well for one pregnancy faker. And then she tried to sue.

The woman, who is reportedly named Zhang, bought a $60 fake baby bump to try and get a seat on the train. But when it fell out in front of passengers, she claims she was "found out and mocked." Which is the company's fault, of course.

Her suit was reportedly dismissed, and rightfully so. It takes a special breed of person to trick people out of their seats -- people who may be tired, have health issues, or who just want to freaking sit -- so you can snag their seat under false pretenses.

However, apparently women in China who are in the process of adopting children will routinely wear fake baby bumps so everyone thinks the baby is hers. If the bump fell out and exposed her as a "fraud mother," I suppose that could be quite serious. Because this is China we're talking about.

Probably the most famous person accused of using a fake belly bump is Beyonce, who has been dogged by rumors she sported a fake belly bump and used a surrogate for Blue Ivy. Luckily, Beyonce's bump never fell out in public. Because she wasn't wearing one, you crazy people.

Would you ever wear a fake belly bump for any reason?

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Brandy Foy

Just to be funny, if I was adopting a baby of a different eithnicity than my own I might wear it and then pretend (letting close relatives in on the joke, of course) that we had it naturally just to see people's reactions :)

Andre... Andreamom001

This is hilarious.  I didn't use a product right and embarassed myself, so now I will sue you for making the product!

@Brandy, I think people sometimes wonder when they see me breastfeeding my adopted son of another race.  He doesn't look a smidge like me and a lot of people don't know you can breastfeed an adoted child, so...  :-)  It was fun wearing him in a wrap right after I go thim.  People saw me and thought I was suddenly 8 or 9 months pregnant.  :-)

MamaC... MamaCatShively

This woman is an idiot. You don't sure someone because you didn't use their product correctly and exposed yourself as a fraud. This will only hurt the cause of other expectant moms who really do need to sit because carrying a kid around for 9 months gets exhausting. Too funny though that she felt it was ok to sue!!! LOL!

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