7 Children Can't Go Missing Without Anyone Noticing -- Can They!?

Missing Yang SiblingsDoes this make any sense to you? Seven children went missing from their house in Fresno, California this week while their mom and stepfather were out grocery shopping. No one noticed the seven Yang kids being abducted, no one has any clue where they went.

I have mentioned that there were seven of them, right? Seven kids who up and disappeared into thin air ...


I guess by definition no child abduction case really makes sense. No one in their right mind "abducts" a child. But I keep puzzling over the case of the Yang siblings.

Kids don't just disappear. Not seven of them. Not without someone noticing something. I have just one kid, and she's loud enough that the entire neighborhood surely knows what's going on when we're waiting at the bus stop in the morning. Maybe she's extra loud but she's also a pretty normal kid.

Can you picture an entire neighborhood tuning out the noise of seven kids? Either it's a neighborhood full of the world's deafest residents or the most uncaring.

The story goes that the Yang kids' mom is blind; she needed her husband to take her to the store. The cops say the kids were home alone with the eldest, 12-year-old Chee, in charge of the other six (who range in age from 5 to 11).

When mom and stepdad got home, the kids were gone, along with all their stuff. Cops are thinking it might be a family abduction because their mother said the kids' dad, Xa Yang, might have taken their children, and the cops haven't been able to contact him since the kids went missing.

But Xa hasn't seen his kids or had any contact with them in three years, and we're supposed to believe that no one noticed anything.

Heck, the cops say the kids disappeared with "no commotion."

Really? No shrieks of "Daddyyyyyy" from a kid who hasn't seen her pops in three years? Not the wails of a 5-year-old who has no idea who this stranger is who just showed up and wants to take a trip? No loud bang, bang, thump as a 7-year-old dragged a suitcase down the sidewalk?

Is that even possible? Or have we really become a society where we simply tune out the goings on of our neighbors to such an extent that we could miss something this big?

I hope these kids are found safe and sound. But whether they are found or not, let this be the wake-up call we need. Pay attention! Someone's life could depend on it.

What do you make of this story? Is it possible?


Image via Fresno Police

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