Excited Soldier Surprises Fiance & Their Reunion Will Make You Weep (VIDEO)

military homecomingImagine not seeing your fiance for 10 long months. Seems pretty grueling, huh? Now imagine not seeing your fiance for 10 long months because he or she was deployed? Seems pretty grueling, and also ... pretty scary. Now picture what it would be like to be reunited for the first time. Amazing, right? Your heart would probably feel like it was going to burst in half. Now picture being surprised by your long lost love during an average day at work. It surely would be a day you -- and everyone who works with you -- would never forget.

Check out this unbelievably sweet video of a soldier surprising his wife-to-be while she's at work in a hospital. Oof. Prepare to suddenly have your "allergies act up."

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I love how everyone gathers 'round, and people who don't even know the man start tearing up. So sweet! He looks so incredibly excited to see his fiance, and she's so relieved. There truly are fewer things more touching and emotional in life than military reunions. Love this couple!

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Image via Kyle Muscutt/YouTube



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Bruic... Bruickson

I love this! What a great couple. Thank you for your service, Kyle and the doctors and nurses at oschners are amazing and don't get the recognition they deserve. So thank you Amber! Oh and I especially love the Saints shout out from Kyle. Who Dat!

Scott Washburn

That's what I call a bear hug!
-Scott - Author of 'The Best Bear Hugs Ever.'

Cathy Riley

I can watch a million of these and I will tear up every time

Samuel Eugene McClard II

EPIC FREAKING WIN! Oh crapdaddy, the onion cutting ninjas have STRUCK AGAIN!!

needa... needadvice1983

These always get to me. I can not imagine being without my DH for any length of time.

Venae Venae

Why is he wearing a wedding ring if they aren't married yet?

cmomm... cmommyrun

Aww! So wonderful!I did cry :)

Ashley Fay

Venae- it is a promise ring. Some engaged soldiers do it to show that they are happy and in a committed relationship. My husband wore one before we were married to show everyone that he was in a relationship that wouldn't end

Courtney Wolfe-morales


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