Gynecologist Reportedly Hid Camera Inside Pen & Secretly Videotaped Patients (VIDEO)

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nikita levyFor most women, going to the gynecologist isn't exactly #1 on our fun list. But at the very least, we're pretty confident that our exam will be highly and completely confidential. Eerily, that may have not been the case for patients of a Johns Hopkins gynecologist named Dr. Nikita Levy ...

Earlier this month, Dr. Levy was accused of secretly videotaping patients by wearing a pen around his neck that may have been used to conceal a camera. An employee told hospital officials of her suspicions on February 4, and officials soon discovered devices similar to the one described by the employee in the office, on Levy, and "large amounts of multimedia evidence" that he had been recording his patients. Ugh. And as if it couldn't get worse ... On February 18, the 54-year-old doctor killed himself in his home. What. A. Nightmare.

Not that it would really make a difference, because if even one patient's dignity and confidentiality was compromised by this situation, it's horrible. But according to police, more than 2,000 patients and former patients of Dr. Levy have called a hotline set up by the hospital. Class-action lawsuits have been filed against Johns Hopkins, and the hospital has been keeping the public and the doctor's former patients updated on their findings.

It blows my mind how someone could get away with what it sounds like Dr. Levy did for so long. Maybe his status as a gynecologist at a prestigious hospital made him seem an unusual suspect for this kind of perverted behavior, but the position he was in was one that should be treated with utmost care.

That said, patients have a right to be angry and deserve explanations and specifics. Although Hopkins reassures that all of the images and videos they found have been securely placed in the possession of the Baltimore Police Department, Dr. Levy's patients are still concerned that graphic images and/or videos could have, at some point, potentially been broadcast to the world via the web. Ugh.

It's hard enough to be a patient -- especially one who needs to summon the courage to spread her legs and have a speculum put up her vagina! -- these days. Doctors often suffer from short attention spans and poor bedside manner, because they're overbooked and rushed from exam to exam. But then you throw something like this in the mix?! It's just completely outrageous, disconcerting, and disturbing beyond belief. Here's hoping the case leads Hopkins and other hospitals to work on a perfected security system that could better preempt situations like this from occurring down the road.

Here's a local news report on the first lawsuit to be filed ...


How do you feel about this story? What do you think could be done to prevent something like this from happening in the future?


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LostS... LostSoul88

Once less pervert dead, who the hell cares. I hope all involved gets justice. 

2cent... 2centsCDN

The woman sueing doesn't even know if any pictures of her were taken yet she's claiming damages of $5 mil? Thats ridiculous!

I fail to see how the hospital is at fault here, the news report didn't mention that the hospital was aware of the drs actions or took part in any cover up so how are they to blame? How can anyone expect a hospital to know its drs are using pens as spycams??

Caera Caera

Glad he killed himself and spared everyone the expense and trouble of a trial and jailtime. If only more perverts were as accomodating.

Claire Smith

She doesn't even know what or if she was recorded.............but 5 million dollars?  Is she crazy?  She is one of the get something for nothing people who has set our medical costs soaring from sue happy people with their ambuance chasing attorneys.  She IS the reason for our medical costs.  Another entitlement idiot.  And regarding the doc, I think his actions are deplorable...........................however, he cannot defend himself.  Does anyone care that someone lost their life?


Jamie Wilson

Sick Bastard. I don't feel bad that he killed himself. I hope all the victims get justice.

Cassandra Huber

Why do women still allow men be their ob/gyn? That isn't right. You should know that men are pigs.

miche... micheledo

I don't understand how the hospital is responsible. There are evil people in every job and often nobody had any idea. The only thing that would change my position on this is IF the hospital had others with concerns and they ignored them.

Marsha Hubbard Keith

you have no right to sue till you know if you are in the video and if so who saw the video just the pervert well he is dead, yes you were wronged but if you not on video and he never showed them to any one let it rest- and five million please - I was sexually abused while working for the state of _____ and they did not back me or support me in the issue they backed the man- I did not sue them or the pervert i tried to put it behind me and move on- I was more than video taped-

heyth... heythereelizah

A woman could still do this. That is a dumb statement. Just as many perverted women in the world as men. Way to be sexist.

Teresa Hinds

Why is everyone against the woman who had been seen by this Dr for 6yrs, more than likely she is a victim,mentally and emotionally. Im sure if anyone of us found ourselves in this situation 5million would'nt sound so much.Yes this a difficult position reguarding the hospital but i'm sure somewhere in the law they will find them the hospital responsable,and drs have malpractice insurance for such things,but this situation is totally different,thats why we have to bring the lawyers and they cost too. Good Luck to who all is involved in this sad situation.

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